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Telegram & Gazette: ‘Clause 2’ gives Mitchell the gift of stardom

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‘Clause 2’ gives Mitchell the gift of stardom
Richard Duckett

santa clause 2 premiere elizabeth mitchell cast hq (4).jpg

Elizabeth Mitchell, right, and Tim Allen share a laugh at the Los Angeles premiere of “The Santa Clause 2” earlier this week.

In ”The Santa Clause 2,” Scott Calvin (played by Tim Allen) has to find a Mrs. Claus if he wants to continue to be Mr. Claus.
The cold-but-highly-efficient high school principal Carol Newman might seem an unlikely candidate for the gregarious Santa/Calvin on his return to Earth from the North Pole. Especially since Newman is taking a tough line on the school misbehavior of Calvin’s son.

But you never know. After all, it’s Christmas (actually, the charming and fanciful ”The Santa Clause 2” will be released nationally tomorrow). One thing is for certain: Newman is the major starring role of Elizabeth Mitchell’s career to date. So there’s one nice present for the pleasant, tall-but-delicate-looking 32-year-old.

That said, she has already had an interesting and busy career. Her first part was in ”Alice in the Looking Glass” at the Dallas Theater Center. Mitchell was 7 at the time.
”I was pretty terrified, and then all of a sudden I wasn’t anymore,’‘ she said during an interview at The Ritz Carlton Boston Common hotel, where she was in town recently to promote ”The Santa Clause 2.”

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Santa Clause 2 Premiere | North pole position

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santa clause 2 premiere pp hq (7).jpgSanta’ sequel touts unusually prompt preem

HOLLYWOOD — It was that rarest of premieres, one that started on time. With execs Robert Iger and Dick Cook among those pulling a Disney Daily Double of “The Santa Clause 2” premiere in Hollywood at 1 p.m. and the World Series Game 7 in Anaheim at 5 p.m., punctuality was a preem-inent virtue.

Of course, such unexpected timeliness threw off some attendees.

“Normally, if a premiere starts at 1, I get there at 1, because I’ll still have half an hour before it starts,” said Disney’s Nina Jacobson. Not Sunday, when curtains parted at 1:04.

Svelte star Elizabeth Mitchell said her favorite part came in closing credits, when her now-married character is puffed up by “about 70 pounds. I thought it looked awesome. She’s Mrs. Claus; she has to have a lap for kids to sit on.”

Among others at the El Capitan Theater screening and Highlands nightclub party were pic’s stars Tim Allen, Spencer Breslin, Judge Reinhold, Aisha Tyler and Jay Thomas; producers Bobby Newmyer, Brian Reilly and Jeffrey Silver; and director Michael Lembeck.

Mouse House brass Chuck Viane, Oren Aviv and Bruce Hendricks joined guests Dakota Fanning, Tom Green, Norman Lear, Dylan McDermott and Lou Diamond Phillips.


Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Old Info And News - Projects - Santa Clause 2

The Movie Chicks Interview About Santa Clause 2

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SANTACLAUSE2stillsElizabethMitchell_28229.jpgIt was a little hard to keep Tim Allen and Michael Lembeck on track during the roundtable. They walked in, sat down, and started in on their own routine. After 5 minutes or so of banter (hilarious, yes – but impossible to transcribe), they got down to business (sort of) and answered our questions. After round 1, we met with Elizabeth Mitchell, who was like the calm after the storm. She’s delightful and easy to talk to. It’s been eight years since the original Santa Claus movie was made and these people all talk about the sequel like a labor of love.

So what was it like being on the set with Tim every day?
We’re both really lucky because I’ve been such a chameleon my whole life, so I tend to hang back and kind of watch people whereas he’s just woooh. But I don’t need to stand on the tables, so it’s okay. Mainly our relationship is this [Tim talking, me giggling]. Every once in awhile he’ll throw in whatever it is that makes you feel great, then you giggle in high octaves. I have never laughed so much in my life. He’s wonderful. He’s a good man, too. It was a joy to be with him – I can’t say enough.

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Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Old Info And News - Projects - Santa Clause 2

Small Interview

mab1.jpgPart of “Old Info And News”

SWAPPED: Her role as Dr Kim Legaspi in ER for the role of Cyd.

DOUBLE-ACT: Her partner Gary Bakewell plays her estranged husband, Jim, in Man and Boy.

HOOKED ON ACCENTS:  She says she fell in love with Ioan’s Welsh voice though the Scottish accent is her favourite.

ON THE BEEB: “I’ve wanted to work for the BBC since I was ten and I have all the BBC channels in Los Angeles.”

They had a small photo of her in the gorgeous green chinese dress she wears to dinner in the programme.

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