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E! Spoilers About Lost 4×06

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lost season 4 photoshoot elizabeth mitchell set 1 (2).jpgDavid in Dallas: Do you have anything on my favorite Other: Juliet?
She’s going on a little field trip to the Orchid Station. As in the station unveiled this summer at Comic-Con, with the “highly volatile and potentially dangerous” research—and them creepy numbered bunnies. I’m also hearing something about a field of skeletons…

Benny in El Paso, Texas: Do you have any scoop on Jacket in Juliet’s episode? Thanks!
I’m told she’s the one who initiates the kiss. Tramp! Kidding. Love her.


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NY Post: “Here are 10 reasons why we love “Lost’ again”

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3x22 Through the Looking Glass Elizabeth Mitchell (4).jpg8. More sexual tension: The love quadrangle between Jack and Kate, Kate and Sawyer, and Jack and Juliet promises delicious complications, with Jack telling Kate he loves her, Sawyer asking Kate to shack up with him on the island and Juliet saving the day for Jack.

Source: NY Post

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Elizabeth Nominated For The Saturn Award

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saturn-awardsIn TV, “Lost” led with seven mentions.

Supporting Actress on Television
Jaime Alexander (“Kyle XY”) (ABC Family)
Jennifer Carpenter (“Dexter”) (Showtime)
Summer Glau (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) (Fox)
Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost”) (ABC)
Jaime Murray (“Dexter”) (Showtime)
Hayden Panettiere (“Heroes”) (NBC)


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People Interview: “Lost’s Mystery Woman Elizabeth Mitchell”

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February 18, 2008

people mag elizabeth mitchell 1.jpgLost‘s Mystery Woman Elizabeth Mitchell

As Her Character Keeps Fans Guessing, the Actress Nests on Another Island (This One’s Near Seattle) with Her Husband and 2-Year-Old Son

With makeup, lipstick and a good blow-dry, Elizabeth Mitchell can get through a morning of errands incognito. But in sweatpants, a ponytail and a touch of busy-mom-au-naturel grunge? That’s when the neighbors figure out that Juliet—Lost’s gun-toting, Jack-smooching, loyalty-shifting femme fatale—is among them. Says Mitchell with a laugh: “I get recognized instantly.”

Not that Mitchell, 37, minds showing a little sweat. Her Lost role—as a doctor who left the malevolent “Others” to join the castaways—is the juiciest yet for the journeywoman actress, who made her mark in movies and shows including Gia, Frequency and ER (see box). Is Juliet a double (or even triple) agent? “Part of what makes her so interesting is she is so maternal but she’s also snakelike,” says Mitchell. And in the new season—eight episodes were shot before the writers’ strike halted production in November—“you can’t really count on knowing anything.”

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Los Angeles Times Interview And Photos

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February 17, 2008

The actress from the hit ABC series says she feels more grounded since entering her 30s.

ELIZABETH Mitchell plays the maybe-not-evil Juliet on “Lost.” She was at home on Bainbridge Island, Wash., with the kiddo.

Apparently Bainbridge is also home to Russell Johnson, better known as the Professor from “Gilligan’s Island.”
Yes! I hear this too! Who didn’t watch “Gilligan’s Island”? I can still sing the song.

An important predecessor to “Lost.”
Yes. I really love “Lost,” though. I am kind of itching — I know I say this a million times — but I’m a big reader, and you know how you wait for installments of books when you’re a kid? . . . I’m looking forward to a script! I’m looking forward to seeing something.

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