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Elizabeth Mitchell brings mystery and intrigue to her role on ‘Lost.’

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lost season 4 photoshoot elizabeth mitchell set 2 (3).jpgWherefore art thou Juliet?
Elizabeth Mitchell brings mystery and intrigue to her role on ‘Lost.’.
‘LOST’: the series with shady characters and hidden agendas

Every time Elizabeth Mitchell returns home to Los Angeles from the set of the ABC hit Lost, her husband asks her the same question: “So, are you dead yet?” Mitchell, speaking to Back Stage from the Oahu, Hawaii, set of the show, lets loose a deep laugh and admits she can’t blame him: In its three years on the air, Last has sent a number of series regulars to the grave. When Mitchell agreed to join up, for the third season, she watched the program and recalls seeing “two people I thought were lovely get shot within seconds of each other, with no fanfare whatsoever.” She muses, “And I thought, ‘Oh, so that’s how it goes on the show.'”

Though nothing is ever certain in the land of Lost, odds are Mitchell isn’t going anywhere for a while. Since the last season opened on the previously unseen character Juliet, audiences have been taken by Mitchell’s complex, sympathetic portrait of her. Though she was originally presented as one of the Others–the mysterious sect terrorizing the castaways–it soon became apparent that Juliet was under the Others’ thumb as well.

Article from: Back Stage West | November 29, 2007 – Full Article Not Available


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LOST | 2007 Press Conference

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lost photocalls 2007 elizabeth mitchell (7).jpgThe press meeting with part of the LOST cast to introduce its fourth season is as mysterious as the successful show. We are in a room in Disney’s studios at Burbank, and no one among the hundred journalist arrived from all around the world knows who will come. It is said that Evangeline Lilly (Kate). Or maybe Josh Holloway (Sawyer). Even Naveen Andrews might appear. “Impossible”, says someone who has been coming to these events for years. The actor who plays the tormented Sayid has never attended one of these meetings. But, surprise!, suddenly, Andrews enters the room. “I came to a Sex Pistols concert and took advantage of the chance of doing this”, he says, in a very good mood.

The amazement doesn’t end with him. There is also Harold Perrineau, Michael, a character that didn’t appear in the whole third season and that the day after this meeting will begin shooting in Hawaii his first comeback episode. “Last Friday I finished shooting a movie, the next day I took a plane to come here, and last night I was given a script I plan to read in the plane to Hawai, so I have absolutely no idea about what is going to happen”, he says.

Perrineau attitude is a reminder of how some things never change. The inscrutability is the norm while dealing with LOST. However, actors let out some things. Before, a warning: those who follow the third season through Canal 13 and haven’t finished watching it, are advised to not read further.

Elizabeth Mitchell, the blond and enigmatic Juliet in the show, says: “There are still lots of people left to die. There are many deaths… people exploding and things like that”. She also tells an anecdote that deepens the mistery: “Yesterday I was reading the script of the episode that comes after the one dedicated to my character. I cried a lot, because I learned something that I didn’t like finding out about”.

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Michael Emerson About Elizabeth

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EMFC_LOST_3x02_00415.jpgQ: You seem to have some awesome chemistry with the cast members. Are there any specific ones you prefer working with?
Michael Emerson: I love working with Elizabeth [Mitchell, who plays Juliet] because partly I think she’s the scariest character.
Q:I have to agree with that because I still can’t figure her out.
Michael Emerson: I know. Isn’t she mysterious? I do a lot of ambiguous playing myself. I think she’s the queen of ambiguity. She can do more with an arched eyebrow than anybody else with their whole arsenal.


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