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Cas Anvar Excited For Us To See The Amazing Elizabeth

The Expanse Writers account on twitter were posting photos of cast&crew of when they were kids.

We figured they didn’t have one of Elizabeth so we tagged them in our post.

They were so nice to retweet the photo so to include Liz among the others and Cas Anvar noticed it and wrote this lovely message about her!

YAY! Our sweet Queen got little love from The Expanse family&fans today! This is beautiful and makes us so happy!

Cas has just become our favorite on the show! 😀

By the way if you have never seen Elizabeth when she was a little princess, here’s the photo:


She looks so much like CJ, isn’t she?! <3

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15 Times Once Upon a Time Broke Our Hearts

TV Guide posted a video about 15 Times Once Upon a Time Broke Our Hearts.

Guess who made into the list?

Yes, Ingrid!

We couldn’t be more proud to see that even if she was only a recurring character for a half season (and they are 7 seasons), her death is considered one of 15 moments in which the show broke its audience’s heart. It definitely broke ours! We’ve just watched that clip again and it still hurts and we can only blame Elizabeth’s talent. Ingrid’s portrait is one of her finest performances.

Anyway this is the TV Guide clip (the one with Liz only)



In case you want to watch all the 15 moments, you can see the entire video in our archive.

Source: TV Guide

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The Expanse: Elizabeth’s Character Introduced In Episode 2?

Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Expanse_First_Look_00.jpgWe found the official press release and the synopsis of the first 3 episodes of The Expanse.

It seems that the introduction of Elizabeth’s character is in episode 2. When they say “Sorrento-Gillis brings in a colleague from his past” we guess that colleague is Anna, considering that he introduced her to someone in the promo.

Oh shoot, we need to wait one more week to see her?! :((((

Unfortunately that’s quite probable, since Daniel Abraham said he saw the dailies with Liz on July 26 and Season 3 production started on July 12.

That is really sad, we were looking forward to April 11, now apparently we won’t be able to see Anna before the episode airing on April 18. 🙁 Well at least we know for sure Elizabeth is also in episode 3. 🙂

You can read the synopsis below.


3×03 “Assured Destruction”

Earth strategizes a costly ploy to gain advantage in the war against Mars; Anna struggles to convince Sorrento-Gillis to do the right thing; Avasarala and Bobbie seek refuge aboard the Rocinante.

3×02 “IFF”

The Rocinante answers an unexpected distress signal. Bobbie and Avasarala find themselves being hunted by a mysterious captor. UN Secretary-General Sorrento-Gillis brings in a colleague from his past to lend an ear during this crucial time of war.

Read more…

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Crossing Lines: Bigger Promotional Photos

We added these Crossing Lines photos in a bigger size into the gallery.

According to the statistics of our site, there is still a lot of interest in this show, also in USA/Canada, which makes us happy because it means Liz is impressing new people with her work. 🙂 If you consider that she rarely chooses a procedural show (they are not her thing), it’s even more important because this audience discovering Elizabeth is brand new. 😀

Oh and we were just thinking that, even if she joined the show only for its 3rd season, people who worked on it were very nice to her, especially Rola Bauer. We wish she could find good people and lovely work places for every project she will be in.<3

Promotional Photos

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Promotional_Photo_06_bigger.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Promotional_Photo_08.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Promotional_Photo_07.jpg


Cast Promotional Photos

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Various_Countries_Promotional_28429b.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Various_Countries_Promotional_28429.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Crossing_Lines_Various_Countries_Promotional_28429c.jpg

We rewatched Crossing Lines just a few weeks ago and it’s always a pleasure to see her portrait of Carine. If you haven’t done yet or you simply want to rewatch the show, you can find it on Netflix in most of the Countries and the bluray/dvd box sets are available in Germany and France. 😉

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9 Days For The Expanse Season 3

Since there are only 9 days left for The Expanse season 3, you should binge-watch the first two seasons. We already did that months ago, but we are doing it again to be fully prepared for the introduction of Liz’s character.

We’ve missed her so much! We are sure you can understand what we mean… you miss this incredibly talented woman even if you saw her like a week ago. What she does with her acting is so inspiring and we just can’t wait for season 3 to start. <3

I personally thought to work on another poster for her character and, since they’re not releasing much from the show, this is a manipulation (the photo doesn’t exist). Anyway I hope you like it. 🙂


PS: I know she’s a pastor, but you never know what can happen on this show. 😛

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17 ‘Everwood’ Guest Stars You Totally Forgot About

EVERWOOD_3x03004008.jpgIn this article about 17 Everwood Guest Stars Elizabeth is in a good company from Betty White…Kristen Bell to a bunch of other people from The Vampire Diaries. 🙂

Everwood might have been a show about a small town, but boy, was that town packed with celebs. Over the course of The WB’s family medical drama’s four seasons, Everwood played host to many big names — some already huge stars, others stars in the making. Even those of you who know the show like the back of your own hands will find a few surprises in this list of 17 Everwood guest stars you totally forgot about.

Elizabeth Mitchell As Sara Beck

Season 3 of Everwood also saw a brief visit from future Lost star Elizabeth Mitchell. Mitchell played Sara Beck, a mother who catches Andy’s eye when she brings her teenage son into his office.

Anyway if you have never watched the episode with Liz, you totally should. She always chooses troubled and tough characters to play even if it’s just a guest-star role. Into our video archive you can find the clips with her from this show. Check them out!

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USO Event With Revolution Cast – Photos

We found these never-before-seen photos of Liz and Revolution cast from that USO event they attended for the US Army in San Antonio in 2013. They are mostly blurry, but when Elizabeth smiles, she always make our days brighter so here they are. 🙂

Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_Trip_Revolution_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_Trip_Revolution_28429.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_Trip_Revolution_28229.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_Trip_Revolution_28529.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_Trip_Revolution_28629.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_Trip_Revolution_28729.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_Trip_Revolution_28829.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_USO_Trip_Revolution_28929.jpg

Photos by Felicia Gusman

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