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Loving – Episode 20 – Clips With Liz

Ok this is really heartbreaking, Elizabeth is just so amazing (especially in the second clip).

It’s so incredible how wonderful she was in her first television role. <3 <3 <3

We are so so so happy we got the chance to watch Loving. Liz’s talent is such a gift for all of us! <3 Beautiful!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Loving - Projects - Video

Loving – Episode 18 – Clips With Liz

We uploaded the clips from the 18th episode of Loving.


Love how Dinah Lee confronts Tess about the way she acts towards Buck. She’s genuinely a good person and you never see her doing anything bad only to get what she wants (like Tess), which is actually rare. There will be more of this in all her story arc and we must say that we really like she never fails  on that and she never goes against her moral code, no matter what.

Just a few notes about the other characters, in case you want to understand better what’s going on:
Trucker is with Alex trying to save Ava & Jeremy from the evil twin.
Tess knows the plain crash is not Buck’s fault, but Curtis’. She has never said anything because she knows Buck would start living again and be with the woman he really loves (Stacey).

Elizabeth Mitchell - Loving - Projects - Video