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Elizabeth and Goran Visjnic in Paris for Crossing Lines – Season 3 in France

Crossing LinesHello everyone, 13ème RUE (a French TV) will air Crossing Lines season 3 from 7 March, every Monday at 8:45pm.

Their site also wrote that Elizabeth and Goran Visjnic will be in Paris in early February.

Goran Visnjic and Elizabeth Mitchell will be in Paris in early February to talk about the new season of Crossing Lines: Police Without Borders! We can not wait, and you?

There’s no further details about this, but it seems they’re going there to present the show.

It sounds really good for Crossing Lines season 4! Yeah!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))) PLEASE!

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Crossing Lines Season 3 Bluray/DVD: Info and Cover

These are the covers of “Crossing Lines” Season 3 Bluray/DVD box sets, available on February 18, 2016 in Germany. You can buy them on Amazon.de. We are not sure yet if they are region free, we’ll let you know as soon as we find out.

We also have some details about the extras:

  • Set Tour
  • Extensive interviews with cast members and team
  • B – roll

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Crossing Lines: Clips & Stills

Even though it’s still on air in most of the countries, this is the first week without a new episode of “Crossing Lines”. 🙁

The last scene of season 3 was really beautiful, but let’s face it: Erica Evans can bake a cake so much better! HAHA… Kidding! The guys were very sweet… we really need to see Carine on a day off… so *crossing fingers* for season 4! 😀

We added clips with Liz from the episodes 3×06, 3×07 and 3×08 in the video archive and new stills and/or bigger stills from 3×02 and 3×04 into the gallery. 🙂





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Crossing Lines Season 3 DVD & Bluray | Release Date

Crossing_Lines_Season_3_Poster_Elizabeth_Mitchell_02.jpgHello everyone, we have an amazing news: “Crossing Lines” Season 3 will be available on DVD & Bluray in Germany on February 18, 2016!! You can pre-order the box set on Amazon.de. 😀 No cover is available yet, but it’s just great we have a release date and that the show will be also on Bluray! YAY! 😀

Thank you so much Franziska Neumann for the headup!

NOTE: The box set will also have audio in English.

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