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Walker Stalker Con Orlando | Photos & Video

Update (July 5): Thanks so much Jennifer for sending us these pictures from LOST Panel!

Update (July 3):

Update (July 2):

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_071.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_072.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_073.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_074.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_075.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_076.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_078.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_079.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_080.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_081.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_082.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_083.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_084.jpg

Update (July 1):

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_063.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_064.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_065.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_066.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_067.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_068.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_069.jpg

We did spend a crazy amount of time in Elizabeth Mitchell’s line.  She was only going to be there for one day, so I get it. There was also a LOST panel, which was the most populated panel of the con. Such a great panel — hopefully it will end up on the internet soon.

Source: adventuresinverdance.com



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Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Video - Walker Stalker Con

Walker Stalker Con Chicago – Cancellation

Walker Stalker Con feb chicago


Hello everyone! Elizabeth will no longer attend the convention in Chicago on February 21.

Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict, Elizabeth Mitchell will no longer be able to join us for Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2015

Source: Walker Stalker Con – Thanks so much Katarina Petrovic & Marine for the headup!

For those who bought the VIP tickets, check with the convention’s website for a refund. I read they are offering a VIP ticket for another actor/actress in exchange. Henry Ian Cusick, Nestor Carbonell, Harold Perrineau and Mira Furlan from LOST will be there, so maybe you’re interested.

Btw lovelies, don’t worry we weren’t planning to go to Chicago! 😉

Elizabeth Mitchell - Walker Stalker Con

Walker Stalker Con (Chicago) – Nice mention of Juliet

There’s an article about Lost actors to appear at Walker Stalker Con (Chicago) with a nice mention of Juliet! 😉

“Lost” actors expected to appear Feb. 21: Henry Ian Cusick (who played Desmond), Harold Perrineau (Michael), Nestor Carbonell (Richard), Mira Furlan (Danielle) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet, whose death I’m still not fully over).
Guests at the convention can expect one or two “Lost” panels, according to Walker Stalker co-organizer James Frazier.

Source: Chicago Tribute

Elizabeth Mitchell - Juliet Burke - Lost - Reviews - Walker Stalker Con

Going to Walker Stalker Con

Hi everyone!

As you might already know we are going to Walker Stalker Con to meet Elizabeth and we’re so excited about it! I still can’t believe this is happening! OMG!!! 😀 YAY!

If you are not going (or even if you’re going) and you didn’t read our messages on the social networks, please check what we posted on our facebook or on our tumblr.

It’s something you will be interested in for sure! 😉

Elizabeth Mitchell - Walker Stalker Con