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Walker Stalker Con Orlando | More Photos & Nice Comment

UPDATE July 8: Jenna posted this lovely video of her meeting with Liz on youtube. 🙂

Elizabeth Mitchell Walker Stalker Con Orlando



I met Elizabeth Mitchell at Walker Stalker Con Orlando! She is so sweet and gives the best hugs! I have wanted to meet her for the longest time and finally did and it was awesome!!! If you ever get the opportunity to meet her take it because she is so kind and sweet!

Thanks so much Jenna for sending us this via facebook! <3


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Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Walker Stalker Con

Walker Stalker Con Orlando | Photos & Video

Update (July 5): Thanks so much Jennifer for sending us these pictures from LOST Panel!

Update (July 3):

Update (July 2):

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_071.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_072.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_073.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_074.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_075.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_076.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_078.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_079.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_080.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_081.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_082.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_083.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_084.jpg

Update (July 1):

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_063.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_064.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_065.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_066.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_067.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_068.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Walker_Stalker_Con_Lost_Panel_069.jpg

We did spend a crazy amount of time in Elizabeth Mitchell’s line.  She was only going to be there for one day, so I get it. There was also a LOST panel, which was the most populated panel of the con. Such a great panel — hopefully it will end up on the internet soon.

Source: adventuresinverdance.com



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Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - Video - Walker Stalker Con

2013 WonderCon | Never Seen Pictures

The fashion designer Ronen Chen posted these pictures on IG and wrote:

Elisabeth Mitchell is again wearing part of my spring 13 collection. Here she is wearing my Angie dress at Wondercon in Anaheim, CA this weekend. She is part of the cast from the hit series of NBC “Revolution”.

He also said that the dress Liz was wearing during 2013 TCA is part of the same collection.

Elizabeth Mitchell - Photos - WonderCon 2013