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WBTV party

Elizabeth was at the Warner Bros Party. Let’s hope there’ll be some other pics. 🙂
WBTV party was a lot of fun. Elizabeth Mitchell, Adam Baldwin, Jim Parsons, Mark Vallley, Jackie Earle Haley, and many others in attendance.

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Yeah, at last night’s Warner Brothers cocktail party — great gathering, by the way — the “BBT” cast, stars like Elizabeth Mitchell — who’s apparently staying in the hotel room across from mine, she was spotted exiting yesterday evening, yay
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Comic Con 2009 - Elizabeth Mitchell

Some other articles and pics from San Diego

WONDER WOMEN ELIZABETH MITCHELL (10).jpgWill Juliet return to to ‘Lost’?
After last season’s explosive “Lost” finale, fans were abuzz trying to figure out just what the heck that flash of light meant for everyone on the island.
The character most in jeopardy, was Elizabeth Mitchell’s Juliet, whom we last saw detonating a nuclear device. Mitchell was one of the panelists at Thursday’s “Entertainment Weekly: Wonder Women: Female Power Icons in Pop Culture” panel at Comic-Con, and her possible return to “Lost” was on everyone’s mind.
“It really depends,” Mitchell says. “I was talking to (producers) Damon (Lindeloff) and Carlton (Cuse), and they (told me), the best thing to say (here) is (that a return) depends on whether Jack’s plan [to prevent the crash from ever happening] works or not.”
Of course, Mitchell is a series regular on the new show “V” — which films in Vancouver — which could provide a wrinkle in any comeback plans since that’s quite a distance from Hawaii where “Lost” is shot. However, both shows air on ABC, so here’s hoping everyone plays nice and lets her appear on both shows.

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Comic Con 2009 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Interview - Juliet Burke - Lost - Photos - Season 6 - Season 6 Spoilers - Spoilers - V

Elizabeth Mitchell on Lost’s Juliet | Movieline Interview

There’s this thing about women named Juliet: They’re famous for meeting tragic ends. Elizabeth Mitchell’s character on Lost was no different — after finding unlikely love with Sawyer (Josh Holloway), she sacrificed herself to set off a crucial bomb — but luckily, Mitchell’s career has new life after that death. In addition to a mysterious number of additional episodes she’ll shoot for Lost’s final season, she’ll be seen later this year toplining ABC’s reboot of the alien miniseries V.
At Comic-Con, I talked to the actress about Juliet’s journey, the tumultuous period after she learned of her Lost fate (then had it somewhat revoked), and the alien-hunting yet to come.

Congratulations on the smooth transition between Lost and V.
I know! Who would have thought?

How did it go down? When you were told you’d be coming to an end as a regular on Lost, were you immediately offered V by ABC?
Basically, the two things happened within days of each other, which I was very surprised by. And, of course, the decisions were left to people more powerful than me. [Laughs]

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Comic Con 2009 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Erica Evans - Interview - Juliet Burke - Lost - Season 6 - Season 6 Spoilers - Spoilers - V

Comic-Con: There’s Strong Women

There’s strong women

The reverence was apparent from the moment the crowd gave Sigourney Weaver a standing ovation. In a panel called Wonder Women: Female Icons in Pop Culture, Weaver is clearly in a class by herself.

The other women on the panel were no slouches,though. Star and producer of “Dollhouse” Eliza Dushku, current double threat as Lt. Uhura in “Star Trek” and with a new role in James Cameron’s “Avatar,” Zoe Saldana, and Elizabeth Mitchell, who the Entertainment Weekly moderator called one of the most complicated women on television. All stars and strong female role models in their own right, but eclipsed by Weaver. And with lines like – “The second biggest bad— after Clint Eastwood, but I think she could take him” — she endeared herself to the crowd and further cemented her standing.

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Comic Con 2009 - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Juliet Burke - Lost - Reviews