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Josh Holloway’s interview – about Suliet

So were you actually redeemed, or is redemption coming this time?
Josh: Well, I think she was his redemption, and now that’s been ripped away. So, I think he’s starting over, but with some growth that he can’t deny. You know what I mean? So he won’t really start over; he’ll start over from that point. But, she was his redemption. That was his only real, I think, in his world, his only real shot at love that might work. Not just a volatile love like him and Kate had, but one that actually might…That was his hoo-rah to try it and now that’s gone, he’s done.

Do you think there’s significance to the fact that Sawyer and Kate’s relationship was largely shown on screen, where as Juliet and Sawyer’s relationship was sort of told but not shown?
Josh: I can tell you the significance of that as an actor was I was cussing like hell when I got those scenes. “We have three scenes to make this work?” Me and Kate got a few seasons to earn that relationship, right? So we were really skeptical. Elizabeth and I both were like, “Oh man, how’re we going to do this?” And we were both very nervous about not having time to earn it and for the audience to buy it. And it’s one of the first times they did a flash three years later; it’s always been day to day. So that is the only saving grace of that in there, it allowed us to make it sink in as a possibility. And also it was an interesting – it is different. Because you don’t need to show a relationship that’s working, it’s not as dramatic. It’s the first time he actually experienced a relationship that worked like a normal relationship might. Which is not so dramatic on film. So better to let it permeate that way. And then Kate now is, of course, more volatile and day-to-day and tit for tat. So that’s more dramatic, I think. So yes, that may be significant.

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