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Dead of Summer: Freeform Upfront’s New Video Interview

There’s a new interview with Elizabeth about how she chooses her characters. 🙂 And we love your choices! Can’t wait to see Deb and Charlie Raon!



We also added the part of the interview with Mark and Zelda because Mark has very nice things to say about Liz. The reporter too. 🙂 LOVE IT! <3


And here’s also a picture from the interview:

Source: behindthevelvetrope

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Tom Wlaschiha about Liz

This is from an interview with Tom Wlaschiha, he talked about Liz and Carine. 🙂

What’s like to work with Goran Visnjic and Elizabeth Mitchell?

It has been absolutely great. They are both legendary actors. I had worked with Goran a few years ago and they’re both great colleagues. It’s always nice if you have people on set with no egos and both of them are really amazing in that way.

What are Sebastian’s main conflicts in the show?

Sebastian’s method of work has not always been perfect. He got into a lot of trouble in the first two seasons when he tried to enter classified information. In Season 3, a new leader is introduced to the team, Carine Strand (played by Elizabeth Mitchell). From the beginning, she makes it clear that she will not tolerate any unnecessary trouble that will jeopardise the work of the team. Right at the beginning of the season, Sebastian gets into some conflicts with Carine and Luke.  The conflict is caused by Sebastian hacking both Carine and Luke’s phone. Even though there was no actual reason for this, Carine, Luke and Dorn are unimpressed with Sebastian’s actions.

Source: channel24.co.za

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Charles Mesure about Liz

On April 17 Charlie posted a nice comment about Liz on his twitter. 🙂

We updated the page about what Liz’s castmates say about her with more quotes by LOST & V actors and also added a category in the gallery with caps of their tweets. More will be added asap. 🙂 Oh and don’t forget you can also find videos about what costars say about Liz in the video archive. 🙂

Source: Charles Mesure

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