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Comic Con | Videos – Part 7

There is a new and very cute interview with Elizabeth from Comic Con. She also talks about the Snow Queen, which is one of her best performances and she loves her deeply. So happy about that!

Liz, you really need to give up on this, you know I totally agree with your mom. I told you: you can’t play an evil character. 😀 Kidding, you are capable to play anything you want because you’re so talented but I guess what we all mean is that we can’t really see you as evil, because we know your heart is too pure. <3


This is an interview with Dead of Summer‘s creators. Adam says nice things about the cast and Eddy answers that they wrote the part with Liz in their minds.



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Amber Coney Mentions Elizabeth In An Interview

This is from an interview with Amber Coney. She mentions Liz and the books she gave her. <3

Q: What are you reading now?

AC: I am reading  two books now. First, Ahab’s Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund which is about Captain Ahab’s (from Moby Dick) wife waiting for him to return.  Elizabeth Mitchell, Deb from Dead of Summer cast, found out I love reading and I am a writer and she brought me a couple books.  One is Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, a sweet adolescent story, which I recently finished. The second is Dolls Behaving Badly by Cinthia Ritchie, which is a story about a woman who makes erotic dolls. I like very different books; they really are palette cleansers for each other. One has heightened language and the other very grounded in present day.

Source: Voice of TV

Colleagues About Liz - Dead of Summer - Elizabeth Mitchell

Alberto Frezza about Elizabeth

Dead_Of_Summer_Elizabeth_Mitchell_Alberto_FrezzaI (Adry) interviewed Alberto Frezza (who plays the Deputy Garrett Sykes on Dead of Summer) for Voice of TV. I also asked him a question about Elizabeth, I couldn’t resist! He said very lovely things about her:

VoTV: How’s working with Elizabeth Mitchell?
AF: Working with Elizabeth Mitchell has been an experience of a lifetime. Lost is one of my favourite TV shows and I spent hours watching her on TV. Elizabeth is a real professional, and since the first day she makes everyone feel at home. She’s sweet, very down to earth and sincere. She is a role model for any actor, also looking at her career and her values which I respect very much.

Yesterday someone on twitter asked him what he remembered from his first day on Dead Of Summer set and he answered:

meeting Elizabeth Mitchell for the first time!

He is a very nice guy and he is one of my favorite characters on the show. 🙂

Colleagues About Liz - Dead of Summer - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects

Dead Of Summer’s Creators about Elizabeth and Deb

Aside from both Elizabeths, any chance to see any other Once or Lost alums coming on?
KITSIS: Charles Mesure plays the Sheriff, who played Black Beard. Did we have any Losties or Oncers?
HOROWITZ: There’s a storytelling spirit that is shared in the basis with working on all those shows.
KITSIS: When you have great working relationships with people, both collaborative and creatively, everybody will always want to work together. Again, this is our third show with Elizabeth Mitchell. We wrote the role for her. It’s our second show with Elizabeth Lail. We literally wrote the role for her.
HOROWITZ: The genesis of this show is an idea we were talking about, and then we had both Elizabeths on Once and we started to see them in those parts, and then we really started to write them, and thank god they both said yes to doing it.

Will the first season span the summer? What is your plan for future seasons?
KITSIS: Yeah, so every year will be a new year. So season one is 1989, season 2 could potentially be 1970. We could do a year that’s 2004 and then go back to 1948, but you will see touchstones, because sometimes it could be the kid of the counselors you saw or we could go back. In episode 6, which is Elizabeth Mitchell’s [big episode], we flashback to her summer in 1970, so we’re going to see other times of camp.
GOLDBERG: It’s mentioned in the episode, or at least in the signage on the camp, that the camp was founded in 1924. You also see that the history of the lake goes back even further than that. We would love, if successful, to jump around to different eras. We have a plan for how they can all tie together to wrap up to a conclusion that I think would be a lot of fun to do.

Source: EW

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Horowitz about Elizabeth

So many of your projects involve some of the same actors, and Elizabeth Mitchell and Elizabeth Lail, who worked with you on Once Upon A Time, are back for this. What’s it like to work with them again?

HOROWITZ: It’s fantastic. I mean, this is the third show we’ve done with Elizabeth Mitchell and the second with Elizabeth Lail. When we were crafting these characters, they were who we were thinking of as we did it, and we were so thrilled they said yes and agreed to do it.

Source: ksitetv

Colleagues About Liz - Dead of Summer - Deb Carpenter - Elizabeth Mitchell

Dead Of Summer: Snippet & ATXFestival Report

This is not a big spoiler, but just in case… Tiera Skovbye will play 20 years old Deb in the episode 1×06 of Dead Of Summer. She’s very pretty, don’t you think? 🙂 Thanks so much Dead of Summer Wiki for the headup!

Spoiler TV wrote that the title of the episode is “The Dharma Burns” even tho from the call sheet posted by Dylan Neal we knew it was “The Dharma Bums”. Not sure which one is correct or if they changed it, but it’s “Dharma material” 😉 and well it’s pretty sure it is a Deb-centric episode. 😀

Yesterday there was a screening in LA of the pilot and there’s just been one today at ATXFestival. The promotion of this show looks cool!

During today’s panel Adam Horowitz and Ed Kitsis said they wrote Dead of Summer with Elizabeth and Elizabeth Lail in mind. 🙂

They also said every season will be a different year. The same actors will play different roles. WOW! This is so interesting! (Source)

They also said that Once Upon A Time is a show about hope. Dead of Summer is a show about identity.

“Every year’s going to be a different year, so season 2 might be 1970, season 3 might be 2004. If we did 1970, that might be the year of Deb. In 2004, it might be someone’s child. They’ll be linked through the history of the show, but every year will be different. Mark [Indelicato] is Blair, but next year, he could be a completely different character in 1970. He could be Blair’s dad.”

Kitsis elaborates: “If you just start killing everybody in every episode, you will actually find yourself detached, because who wants to befriend somebody that’s only going to leave them? My favorite TV shows are the ones that, when somebody dies, it really… evokes some emotion, and that’s what the John Hughes side of the characters is for. You really get to know these characters and fall in love with them so that if they get axe-murdered, you’re going to cry.”

Horowitz adds: “We want you to fall in love with the characters before we kill them.”

Well don’t even think to kill more Elizabeth Mitchell’s characters, please! *crying*

Click on “read more” for the full report by EW:

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Colleagues About Liz - Dead of Summer - Deb Carpenter - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - Spoilers

Georgina Haig about Elizabeth

Georgina Haig was at Awesome Con lately and someone mentioned that she and Elizabeth had a lot of chemistry and asked her about her favorite moments of working with her.
Merrijoy Vicente recorded the moment a little after she started talking about Liz and sent us the video. Georgina said really lovely things!
The audio is very low, so get the volume of your computer/phone real loud.
She said that Liz is so good that sometimes she got distracted (“Oh she’s so good!”) and  that the last scene, when Ingrid sacrificed herself, was very powerful to watch. Everything she said is SO TRUE! Watch the video:


The Snow Queen is really one of Liz’s best performances! So blessed she accepted the role and we got to see this extraordinary portrait! I would love to see her acting in front of me. Georgina is very lucky!
Thank you so much Marrijoy for the video!

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