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Lana about Elizabeth

Someone asked Lana to describe Liz in 3 words and this what she said! <3 <3 <3

And Mike Coleman, who plays Happy (one of the dwarfs) wrote this:

So what do we do with Liz stealing the heart of so many people?! 😀 So proud of this amazing woman!

Colleagues About Liz - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time Set: Liz with Sally Pressman

UPDATE: Sally posted another photo of her and Liz!!! <3

Sally posted a photo of her and Liz on Once Upon A Time set. They are so cute! <3

Once Upon A Time Set: Elizabeth Mitchell with Sally Pressman Once Upon A Time Set: Elizabeth Mitchell with Sally Pressman

“Sisters who share a love of candy. They let me and #ElizabethMitchell loose on the sweets!!!!!

She also wrote this beautiful tweet about Liz! AWWWWWW! Yes it’s true!! <3

Thanks so much for the headup!

4x07 The Snow Queen - Colleagues About Liz - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Photos - Set - Snow Queen

Emilie about Liz + Lana retweeting Liz’s pic

I think this is so beautiful! Not just for the LOST reunion (we need a pic of these two btw ) but because I think not everybody does that to help the other actor and she wasn’t even in the scene. Usually during things like this one, the actor has to act all alone with a picture of himself (or of another person). Liz was so kind to do this for Emilie. Not surprised I must say, I know how supportive she always is with her costars. Anyway this is what Emilie said:

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4x06 Family Business - Colleagues About Liz - Elizabeth Mitchell - Lost - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen

Jennifer Morrison & OUAT Make Up Artist about Elizabeth

UPDATE 2 (October 3)

Jennifer has just tweeted this 😀


UPDATE 1 (October 3)

Hey guys, Andrea Manchur, OUAT make up artist, tweetted me this message about Liz. Cast&Crew of this show are so adorable! <3



Adam Horowitz‘s has just wrote this on twitter:  “she’s pretty great.”


It contains spoilers…

TVLINE | And lastly, what can you say about Elizabeth Mitchell’s role as the Snow Queen?
Jennifer Morrison: She’s wonderful. I’ve always been a fan of her work, I think she’s such an extraordinary actress. I was really, really personally excited when she was joining the cast, because she’s someone I’ve always wanted to work with. I’m not allowed to say much about that character, but what I didn’t realize – and I just discovered this today on Wikipedia, as I was posting my Movie of the Week – is that Frozen was loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen story. So, I’m going to read that fairy tale now that I’m intrigued by that. But I don’t know what that means in terms of how much of that was written into Frozen in the first place and how much Eddy and Adam have spun on its head in creating their own twist on the way she’s going to cause problems for all of us.

Source: TV LINE

I love what she said about Liz! Jen is adorable! <3

4x04 The Apprentice - Colleagues About Liz - Elizabeth Mitchell - Once Upon A Time - Set - Snow Queen - Spoilers