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The Expanse: Cast & Crew About Anna And Elizabeth

We just want to report some nice comments by The Expanse cast. They are lovely! Elizabeth deserves all the praises she gets and so much more. She’s seriously incredible in this role. She always is, but the point is she never stops surprising us with her immense talent, so every time she is on screeen she’s breath-taking. <3

This is a comment by James S.A. Corey account:

“Elizabeth really got the soul of Anna. Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful.” 🙂

Anna Volovodov - Colleagues About Liz - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - The Expanse

Video Interview With Elizabeth

This is the video interview Elizabeth did on The Expanse set. She’s so sweet!

Awww of course Anna is a very good person, but Liz you are too. You’re incredibly kind and caring and your heart is humble. We see a lot of you in Anna, Carine Strand and Charlie Roan.

Oh in the video the author Ty Franck said that Elizabeth is fantastic! 🙂 Yep pretty much!


There is also a little scene from the upcoming episode, we think!

Source: space.ca

Anna Volovodov - Colleagues About Liz - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - Projects - Set - Spoilers - The Expanse - Video

The Expanse Actress About Elizabeth

Samora Smallwood, the actress in the last scene with Liz from the episode 3×02, posted this nice tweet:

Working with & watching #ElizabethMitchell work was a DREAM. Kind, beautiful & such a POWERHOUSE. Commanding presence & feminine power. I don’t think I’ve met anyone nicer. #Seriously Who’s watching #AnnaVolovodov on @ExpanseSYFY @TheExpanseWR @TheExpanseRp

We bet nobody has ever met anyone nicer than Elizabeth! Powerhouse haha… because she emanates so much energy and light from the inside… Accurate!<3

Colleagues About Liz - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects - The Expanse

Andrew J. West About Elizabeth

Andrew J. West (who now plays adult Henry on Once Upon A Time and played Damon on Dead Of Summer )said something nice about Liz during a Con.



Isn’t so lovely that even if they met Liz briefly, people always have something sweet to say about her?! It’s not a surprise though, she’s really that warm, caring and loving human being!

We spent a few hours with her and we still feel that experience like the most emotional moment of our lives.

Elizabeth is really that person you would never be tired to have around! Her positivity lights up your days!

Thanks so much Kate; for the heads-up | Source: @struckbyColfer

Colleagues About Liz - Dead of Summer - Elizabeth Mitchell

The Expanse Audio Podcast | Writers About Elizabeth And Anna

Even if she wasn’t able to do the podcast, the writers of the show talked about Elizabeth and Anna.

We added those parts into our archive.

About Liz

We loved what they said about Elizabeth’s personality because that’s so true: she radiates warmth and kindness more than anything. When you are in the same room with her, it’s like you are the most important person to her and her joy is so contagious. She’s truly the most amazing person to have around. She genuinely care about your feelings and she has her own special way to show it. <3

About Anna

Colleagues About Liz - Elizabeth Mitchell - Projects