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What they’re saying about Elizabeth on Twitter

I was a little bored coz’ I have the flue so I made a twitter research on Elizabeth Mitchell. I’ve collected a lot of lines about her, her character on V, Lost and her performance. People just adore her so much. It’s really nice to read all these good responses. 🙂 She deserves the best! So here’s what  I’ve collected (and these are just the messages from the past 3 days)! You can read them after the read more.

Someone asked David Richmond Peck (Gorgie) what is like to work with Elizabeth Mitchell? And he wrote:

She is absolutely fantastic. A solid actor and great person.

Oh I also read some comments about V’s make up. It sucks on Elizabeth. They should stop using too much make up on her.

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Scott Wolf about Elizabeth

[…]One person who excels at what she does, Wolf says, is co-star Elizabeth Mitchell. “I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time. … She and I haven’t had scene work together, but one of the things that the writers are doing intentionally is keeping these characters in their own worlds and not contriving ways for them to interact,” he says. “(Mitchell and I) have been spending time together on set and away when we’ve been doing publicity. She’s just lovely.”[…]

Source: UsaToday

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LOST Rumors: Damon Lindelof Reveals Some Tidbits

Here are some tidbits thanks to The Donkey Wheel from Damon Lindelof’s appearance at a comic book shop in Sherman Oaks today. No way to know if these are true or Damon was trying to keep us guessing, so we are posting these here for now. Damon L. had a book signing tonight and he stated that when season one ended a woman asked him what is in the hatch. He signed something of hers and also wrote there is a man in the hatch that has to push a button every 108 min to save the world. She didn’t believe what he wrote and laughed. This brings me to the things I saw he wrote today. First he stated the Swan Hatch Paiting was “painted by Desmond to pass the time, but time came around to bite him in the ass”

Second he wrote “Sawyers true love will ALWAYS be Juliet. Kate, Meh.”

Third “Why, Oh Why is it called the ‘Swan’… literature, (name), literature” Last “Faraday had the right idea but the wrong execution”

Source: Dark Ufo

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Mark Goldman about Juliet and Sawyer

There’s an interview with Mark Goldman (Lost’s editor and “LaFleur”director) on the latest LOST magazine.

He directed LaFleur which was his first directing job on Lost. -LaFleur ended up being of one the most pivotal episodes for Sawyer’s character as his stay in ’70’s finally brought out the honorable leader and a man that was hiding in him all along. It introduced relationship between Sawyer and Juliet which on paper seemed implausible, but once acted out in the episode, it charmed everyone. -Goldman compared Suliet to Tracy/Hepburn. – For the dock scene, Goldman told Josh and Liz to have fun doing that scene. They did have some fun and it allowed them to find some chemistry that didn’t have to manifest yet. – When it came to show that their friendship bloomed into real love, Goldman said it clicked to everyone that this pair was right for one another. He talked to actors how it’s a relationship about equals. They are both very smart and sassy. During those three years they learned to respect each other, even though they are two people from completely different backgrounds. When they were shooting in the house, they all agreed that relationship is mature and it was the first time Sawyer had that kind of experience. – Goldman said that with Kate it was all about passion, but with Juliet they wanted to shot the scenes illustrating their reaction to mean something more. Goldman said that he thinks Carlton wanted for the kiss to be more passionate, but Goldman felt like that it’s not their first date and it’s not Kate and Sawyer. He wanted to be passionate and loving in relaxed way and both Josh and EM agreed to it. Elizabeth floored Goldman with the way she played ‘the flower scene’ (she was reserved, but so charming and loving). They are so good, because when it comes to the finale it’s really tragic because you are really rooting for those two. – The rest of it is Goldman’s experience as director and how he enjoyed working with the actors.

Thanks ninkagv22 for the transcription and Stef for the headup!

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LOST: Carlton’s Favorite Moment

Carlton’s Favorite Moment
“The moment [in ‘The Incident, Pt. 2’] when Sawyer is basically holding Juliet [Elizabeth Mitchell], in the shaft that will one day become the Swan hatch. You know, that is also, I think, a moment that really resonated for us because you know, it was really the culmination of Sawyer’s relationship with Juliet, and Josh Holloway’s so good in that scene, and just kind of what went on between those two actors in that final moment. We wanted to try and make it somewhat ambiguous as to whether she sort of lets go and dropped, or whether it was just basically inevitable that she couldn’t take hold any longer, so it kind of embodied a little of the ambiguity that we liked to have. And it was such a strong, powerful, emotional moment for both those characters. That was another moment when, again, on a character level, you know the bulk of the scenes that we described are really, you know, hinge on the emotions between our characters, and again, there’s mythology surrounding those events, but the actual scenes that we chose, and the moments we love are when our characters really connect with each other in profound and emotional ways that make the audience feel that emotion.”

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Elizabeth On Brilliant Magazine

Part of “Old Info And News”

December 3, 2008

Natural Treasure


If you’re not among the millions of viewers tuning in to watch Elizabeth Mitchell on ABC’s “Lost,” then you may as well be stranded on a desert island. Fierce, relentless, and complicated, Mitchell’s character, Juliet Burke, has women applauding their TV sets and men shaking their heads. But for Mitchell herself, the greatest glory derives from her personal reaction to the role. The free-spirited, Texas-bred actress forgoes the weekly fanfare to wax philosophical with Brilliant on fame, family, and the forces of “Lost.”

Elizabeth Mitchell has just flown from Los Angeles, where she ruled the red carpet at the Emmy Awards, to Hawaii, practically walking off the plane and onto the “Lost” set. The hectic nature of her schedule leaves this writer anticipating a more jetlag-induced languid tone from the actress. Instead, she greets me with an invigorated voice characteristic of a spa regular or at least, a person who has managed a miraculous nine hours of sleep. “You’ll never guess what I’ve been doing today,” Mitchell announces, setting the suspense. “I spent the whole morning with my little boy and we made pancakes and went to the aquarium.” Now that’s a balancing act.

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