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Marc Singer about Elizabeth

First Jane Badler, and now Marc Singer! The ’80s hunk, who played the original V‘s strapping lizard slayer Mike Donovan, will appear in the season finale of ABC’s updated V as all-new freedom fighter Lars Tremont.

“It was an inevitability,” says the confident star, now 62. “You have to include the personalities who started this dynamic. As V grows, it becomes like a big, hungry animal needing nourishment to grow more and more muscle.” Whatever you say, Marc, although I might have gone with a reptilian analogy.

Look for Marc to be dispatching lizards alongside Elizabeth Mitchell’s Erica Evans, who Marc says “is striking and cuts a fine figure.”

Source: TV GUIDE

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Logan Huffman about Elizabeth

Interviewer: Tell me about working with Elizabeth Mitchell. She plays your mom on the show. She’s someone who has been acting for a while. What have you been able to learn from being in scenes with her?

Logan Huffman: Oh, everything. I mean, that’s my favourite part of the day. Working with Elizabeth. There’s so much that I am being taught. She’s constantly there for me. She’s been coaching me this whole season. The point is that she’s a wonderfully giving and beautiful, beautiful, warm woman. You know, she’s a good woman. And she has helped me out a lot. She’s good.

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Samantha Ferris & Counting Crows about Elizabeth

samanthajferris: On set of ‘V’. Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet on Lost)just came up to say ‘Hi’. Always amazes me how much prettier actresses are in real life.
countingcrows: Saw Elizabeth Mitchell in an LA restaurant yrs ago after seeing Santa Clause 2. I was gonna say hi but I forgot how to talk
samanthajferris: Atta boy. My fave part about it is the sense of humor. Gotta pay attention. There are some great cracks. No legal department?
countingcrows: OK, you lost me. No legal dept for what?
Oh, if you mean ‘Did Elizabeth Mitchell call the cops on me for stalking her”, the answer is “Yes, she did”. So mean.

So funny! 😛

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Michael Emerson watches V

What television shows do you watch at home?
During the last year, my wife and I have watched Nurse Jackie and FlashForward. We always check out the shows that other people from Lost star in, like V, because Elizabeth Mitchell is in it. My wife is also obsessed with Mad Men. I’ve seen it and I enjoy it, but my wife is obsessed.

Source: douchlost

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Josh Holloway about Elizabeth

You had one of last season’s most powerful scenes, when Sawyer failed to save Juliet (played by Elizabeth Mitchell).

That was tough. As an actor, you hope to get scenes like that, but you also dread it. How am I going to pull that off? It’s a film set. You have 120 people talking and joking, I’m on a pulley system, a guy’s holding on to my pants and a guy’s down in the camera wisecracking. It’s very distracting. It takes a lot to make it all go away. But when you have an actress like Elizabeth Mitchell looking in your eyes, it’s like, okay, BAM, and everything else goes away. It was heartwrenching but fulfilling.

Source: TPN | Thanks Cris!

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Elizabeth got an Emmy Nomination for LOST


Congrats to Elizabeth for her Emmy Nomination! She deserves it so badly! YES!

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Drama Series

Lost • The End • ABC • Grass Skirts Productions, LLC in association with ABC Network and Studios

Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet Burke

Source: Emmy

Tweets about Elizabeth’s nomination by friends and costars

TheBaubShow: So excited for my friend Elizabeth Mitchell’s emmy nomination!

ambushent (Answers to Nothing’s production): Yay Elizabeth Mitchell! We luv ya girl! Congrats on the Emmy nod.

Press Tweets about Elizabeth’s nomination

MollyShenKOMO: Seattle’s Elizabeth Mitchell is one of them!

EWJasonAverett: Elizabeth Mitchell FTW! “It worked.”

NatalieAbrams: Noms that are made of awesome: Elizabeth Mitchell for #Lost,

popwrap: Emmy noms that make me smile: Elizabeth Mitchell for #Lost

EWDocJensen: Eliz. Mitchell, nominated as guest actress for astounding sonogram reading, vending machine vandalism, Sawyer smooching work in “The End.”

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Eric Lange (Radzinsky) about Elizabeth

AI: Was it a really serious show or did the actors have fun?

EL: Everyone definitely brought their A game, but we had fun too. One day we were all in the tent and it was me and Josh [Holloway] and Elizabeth [Mitchell] and Ken [Leung]. Josh is playing his guitar and we all had our iPhones out. So I downloaded drums, Ken downloaded a trumpet, Elizabeth downloaded a tambourine and we had this little band thing going.

AI: We’ve talked about the men on Lost, what about the women?

EL: […]Both (Evangeline Lilly) she and Elizabeth Mitchell were great to work with, total professionals. […]

Source: Joonbug

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