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Small Old Interview About Rachel

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_still_05.JPGThere’s a small interview with Liz from an old (and stupid 😀 ) article about Revolution. Sorry, most of the articles from TV Guide about that show were unbearable to read, so this is just the part about Elizabeth.

Talk about chemistry! “With Miles, I feel like [Rachel’s] either going to kiss him or she’s going to beat the crap out of him and she’s always trying to figure out what,” Mitchell said. There’s no doubt that all of Miles and Rachel’s interactions are fraught with such passion, but is that necessarily a good thing? “Usually your pain attracts,” the actress explained. “You’re attracted to each other’s bad qualities. Sometimes that draws you in even more than the good ones.”


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  • Cristiane

    Oh Revolution…

    I kinda miss it. Trying to read Rachel’s mind. She was a wonderful mess.

    But… unpopular and controversial opinion:

    I will always prefer… Rachel and Bass. 😛

    They’re so much alike. It’s absurd, really.

    Will always think the writers should have gone with them instead of Rachel and Miles.

    It was more interesting and intriguing, especially because it was 4 years only seeing each other. I mean, Bass was her only company during all these years and Rachel was the constant reminder of his old self and the closest thing to a friend he could have.

    So much could’ve been written/explored with just this detail. Especially from Rachel’s pov.

    Also, I think that with Rachel and Bass it was mostly about Rachel.

    On the other hand, Rachel and Miles it was mostly about Miles.

    1×19 will always be my favorite episode of Revolution.