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Loving – Episode 6 – Clips With Liz

We uploaded the 6th episode of Loving into the video archive.

Dinah Lee is so vulnerable, but her condition doesn’t stop her to speak out and explains how she feels about “fake” Jeremy. It’s so sad that she’s the only one who got that something is not right and Trucker doesn’t believe her. Just want to punch him in the face sometimes. è_é

We love how differently Liz plays her in the dream (clip 3).

Note: Curtis is Dinah Lee’s ex husband. READ MORE

Elizabeth Mitchell - Loving - Projects - Video
  • Cristiane

    Thank you so much for sharing all (or almost all) the scenes with Liz from Loving. O/

    There are some things she has done that are very difficult to find and this soap opera is one of them.

    You would think that it would be easier to get those episodes from Loving because it seemed to be a well-known soap opera. At least that’s what I got from reading all these articles/interviews about Liz on this tv show.

    So it’s great that you girls managed to find this and we can see her beginnings on the telly. <3

    I wish some beautiful soul could find L.A. Firefighters. 😛 *not greedy at all*

  • lizmit

    we looked for Loving (and L.A. Firefighters) for years, finding it makes us so happy!

    We got almost every episode (only missing the ones from January 17-February 26).

    We’ll never stop looking for the missing episodes and LA Firefighters. 😀

  • Cristiane

    Never give up!!!

    Someone in the world must have those episodes!

    Here’s me hoping you will be able to find the missing episodes from Loving and everything else you can possibly find of Elizabeth’s past projects.

    As always, I’m very grateful for your hard work and dedication. 😉