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Loving – Episode 4 – Clips With Liz

We uploaded the clips with Liz from the 4th episode of Loving. Enjoy!

It’s sad to see Dinah Lee so sorrowful, we had people in our lives that had similar problems and Elizabeth is really good at expressing frustration. It’s horrible not to be able to say what you have in mind, you try and words don’t come out the way you want.

And it’s so upsetting not to be able to be the same person because your memory is missing and you forgot how to do things.

When you have to rely on someone, expecially if it’s someone you love, you don’t want to feel like a burden, but it’s the only thing that you actually feel.

Elizabeth is just really amazing to express all this.

Love the scene she shared with Ava in the car.

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  • Pinoche

    I’m sorry to hear that you faced similar problems guys. I hope everything is ok for your loved ones now. That’s, indeed, very difficult to deal with. She played it so well, she truly amazes me. I’m now moved to tears by little bits of a 24 years old soap opera. Oh dear, the “christmas movies” season gonna be tough for me this year. I’d better get a stock of kleenex :’D