The Expanse 3×08 | HD Screencaptures

We added HD screencaptures of The Expanse 3×08 into the gallery. 🙂

We were just thinking about how great Liz is in the scenes when Anna is seriously annoyed by what the other people in the room are saying and (see the first cap here) you can tell how much Anna is furious inside, but she doesn’t say a single thing till she actually speaks for saying the most badass thing ever. She did that more than once in the show. Love it!

TV Series > The Expanse > Screencaptures > 3×08 “It Reaches Out”

The_Expanse_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc000120.jpg The_Expanse_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc000279.jpg The_Expanse_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc000552.jpg The_Expanse_3x08_Elizabeth_Mitchell_EMfc000632.jpg



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