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Liz Singing | Now Available On 4K – Courtesy Of Elizabeth <3

Elizabeth probably pitied us yesterday since the bad quality audio (all the noises in the background) of her singing and sent us the original video of it! 😀 <3

Now we have this cute little bunny singing with Liz’s beautiful voice on our phones!
Seriously, performer of the week from all the points of view. She’s the most precious human being! <3

We are sure you want this as well, so here’s the video:



and the MP3 audio in case you also want it as a mobile tune:


Elizabeth Mitchell - From Liz - Site Updates - Video
  • Pinoche

    Thank god I can finally figure out if it’s a bunny or a hamster. Wait… Is it a bunny or a hamster ?! Can we just make a poll about that ? xD

    I don’t know what cracks me up the most : the video itself or the fact that she sent it to you after. Anyway, It’s stuck in my head since yesterday, but it’s totally worth it !

  • Pinoche

    I’M SITTING HERE IN MY TRA- Waiting for the remixes. 😀

  • Pinoche

    I can’t stop imagining Anna with Amos. “Hate is a burden, you don’t have to carry it with you… *suddenly brandishes her futuristic transparent phone with the bunny/hamster app on it* Hate is a burden, hate is a burden, HATE IS A BURD-” *Amos runs off* xD

  • lizmit

    it’s an hybrid between the two. 😀

    Elizabeth is the person who does those things, that’s why she’s the most precious human being! <3