Elizabeth And Her Women

100 episodes party elizabeth mitchell (2).jpgWhat happened to Kim Dickens on Fear The Walking Dead lately got us thinking about Elizabeth.

It’s so hard to get a good role for a woman and it’s so hard to keep it, not because you don’t deserve it, but simply because someone else can decide to kill you off, just because he wants. And sometimes it’s so hard to work with certain people.


We are so grateful for every role Elizabeth chooses to play.


No matter how broken or messy her women are, they are always someone to look up to,  someone who we can relate to, and especially women that make us feel well represented.

Her characters are always fighters, they don’t think of themselves as victims, even if their life is complicated, their choices are though and it seems the world is against them. They don’t give up. Never.


Sometimes when we think an actress is really good in a show or movie and we like her role, we try to watch her also in something else.

And every time we get disappointed since they all end up playing a lot of irrelevant roles, with no depth or substance and we always wonder why they decided to accept that.


Well of course this business is hard, but with Elizabeth it never happens.


That’s why all these women Elizabeth chooses to bring to life are so important and more than this, that’s why we appreciate Elizabeth so much. Because she is just like one of those women.


No matter how small (guest star) or big the role she picks, she is always true to herself and that’s honourable, especially because we know how difficult is to work in this world, and as it is for all the women in any work place.

Things happen, and we often don’t get what we deserve or what we have been promised. And when that happens it’s difficult to get up and doing it all over again.


So what happened to Kim Dickens reminded us how many times Elizabeth had to deal with similar stuff. Sometimes we sense those things, sometimes we are not even aware of them, but we know that she doesn’t always go through “easy times” as we all do.


Even though it is hard, Elizabeth doesn’t accept compromises and she doesn’t do anything that feels false to herself.

And when it’s hard, she doesn’t give up. She keeps doing her things in the way she does them, with her moral code and we admire that so much more than anything else.


What is even more incredible is that Elizabeth is always that bright star, with that positive energy, peaceful wisdom who enlightens our days with grace!


We are thankful! <3



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