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The Expanse 3×09 | Stills & Official Recap

The official site added these 2 Elizabeth’s photos. Beautiful smile in the first one and so gorgeous in the second pic. Look at Anna, so happy she found a way to stay. Sparkling!

The official recap is under the “read more”

Anna and the other passengers aboard the Thomas Prince receive a message from Secretary General Avasarala that, in light of the attacks, all civilian ships are being called back to Earth.

Aboard the Thomas Prince, Anna watches ruefully as everybody makes their plans to return home. She spots Miss Fagin, the socialite from earlier, and approaches her. She got the sense that Fagin wasn’t going to be leaving the ship – correct; Fagin is using her parents’ business connections to stay aboard — and wants help getting to stay herself. Why is she so determined to stick around when danger lurks? Anna: “It’s the first miracle that’s happened in my lifetime.” Fagin puts it in more sensual, earthbound terms: “You want to indulge in a selfish desire to be part of something amazing.”

On the Thomas Prince, Anna pulls her priest friend out of the line boarding for Titan. She excitedly tells him she’s found a way for them to stay, but he pretty much immediately shoots her down. He has a family to think of, for one. For another, he’s changed his mind about why they’re out there. “God is not with us out here,” he surmises. Meanwhile, an ensign trying to leave the ship gets caught as a deserter and dragged back to his unit.

Anna then spots Melba and introduces herself. “Now that I’m committed,” Anna says of the trip through the Ring, “I’m feeling overwhelmed.” Melba says she knows what that’s like. Anna then asks Melba what made her decide to stay, and suddenly we’re in another flashback, after Julie stormed out of that party. As insolent as Julie was, Jules-Pierre can’t help but speak of her with admiration, while despite Melba’s loyalty, he can only sneer at her that all she does is plan parties. Back on the Thomas Prince, Melba lies that it was the hazard pay that had her signing up for this mission.

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