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The Expanse 3×06 Review

We’ve just found a review of The Expanse 3×06. 😀

What political wrangling there is, revolves around the video evidence of Errinwright’s (Shawn Doyle) treason, supplied to Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) by Chrisjen (Shohreh Aghdashloo). Seemingly horrified by Errinwright’s betrayal, Secretary General Gillis (Jonathan Whittaker) has him arrested, but not before Errinwright has his moment of vitriol about Gillis’ character, to Anna. Initially, this seems like it is fuelled by his resentment at being caught, and Anna is happy that she was able to get Gillis back on the right path, but soon after, it becomes clear that Gillis is exactly who Errinwright caricatured him as; Anna is suitably horrified with Gillis’ attitude and realises that Earth may still be in deep trouble. All three actors here are great, and each one conveys the switching emotions perfectly.


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  • Pinoche

    Gillis was just horrifying here. I think I probably had the same expression as Anna as I was watching the end of the scene. :’D Kinda saw it coming though, but it was very well done and acted. Congrats to that great team. I hope they’ll manage to save the show.