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Video Interview With Elizabeth

This is the video interview Elizabeth did on The Expanse set. She’s so sweet!

Awww of course Anna is a very good person, but Liz you are too. You’re incredibly kind and caring and your heart is humble. We see a lot of you in Anna, Carine Strand and Charlie Roan.

Oh in the video the author Ty Franck said that Elizabeth is fantastic! 🙂 Yep pretty much!


There is also a little scene from the upcoming episode, we think!

Source: space.ca

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  • Pinoche

    I cannot help but notice the bruises on her neck and wonder what’s in store for Anna… Anyway, she’s unbelievable. 🙂

  • lizmit

    IKR! I hope they are just fake bruises. Sometimes Liz gets hurt during scenes, because she does crazy stuff. I know she has fun, but she makes me worry.