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The Expanse 3×02 Review

We found another review for the second episode. It’s more about Anna, but it’s a nice comment. 🙂

Speaking of Earth, one of The Expanse‘s major new characters for season three debuted in “IFF,” and it looks like she’s going to do an amazing job filling the huge void left by Chrisjen’s absence: Pastor Anna Volovodov (Elizabeth Mitchell). An old friend of UN Secretary General Esteban Sorrento-Gillis (Jonathan Whittaker) — she once helped write a speech that greatly advanced his political career — Anna’s summoned (against her wishes) to assist with another important address now that Earth and Mars are at war. Thing is, Anna’s not a big fan of Esteban, thanks to a falling-out they had years before (it’s not explained in detail, but it must’ve been bad, because she hasn’t forgiven him for it). And she’s also against the war and violence in general, because when she arrives at the UN, she doesn’t hesitate before breaking up a skirmish between cops and protestors.

Unlike Chrisjen, Anna is a UN outsider – though she does let a well-timed “Bullshit!” fly, so the two women definitely share an affinity for colourful language. Anna, who has an adorable wife and daughter back home, also has something very strategic going for her: the total trust of Earth’s most powerful politician. Naturally, her sudden appearance in New York City infuriates Earth’s second-most powerful politician, Errinwright, who’s already walking a high-tension wire behind everyone’s backs. You can practically see the smoke coming out of his ears when he realises how much influence Anna has over his boss. But something tells me that Anna, who is smart as hell and the opposite of naive, is not going to fall for the “hey, let’s have a friendly drink, except yours is laced with deadly, untraceable poison!” trick Errinwright pulled on his Mars counterpart last season.


We didn’t read the book since we didn’t want to get too many spoilers and be surprised by Elizabeth’s Anna, but the following article is something interesting since they mention the difference between Anna in the book and Anna on the tv show.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Reverend Annushka “Anna” Volovodov (Elizabeth Mitchell), arrives in the midst of violent protests against the war at UN headquarters. In the series, she is an old friend and adviser to UN Secretary General Sorrento-Gillis. In the novels, she does not appear until book three (Abaddon’s Gate), where she is a minister on Europa, not a minister and activist on Earth. It is clear from her opening scenes in the show that she is a fearless protector of the innocent and is not intimidated by powerful, elected officials. Also, she has a wife and child whom she desperately misses.

Errinwright immediately recognizes Anna as a threat when she agrees to help Sorrento-Gillis with his speech to convince the populace that he is on the right side of history. Anna is a person whom Secretary Sorrento-Gillis trusts and she is clearly not intimidated by power. Errinwright understands that a person of Anna’s moral rectitude could convince Sorrento-Gillis to end the war. It should be interesting to watch as he tries to undermine Anna’s influence.

What will happen on Earth now that Anna is part of the team? What will Errinwright do about Anna?

One of the reasons that The Expanse is so popular as a science fiction series is not only because of its scientific accuracy but because it is constantly evolving. There are changes from the novels but those changes only add to the drama of the series, while at the same time giving the viewers greater insight into the multi-dimensional and complex characters. The relationships as well as the story lines are only getting more complex as time passes and the series continues to grow. We want episode 303 and we want it now! We don’t want to wait.


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