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Adam And Eddy About Deb | Our Thoughts About Dead Of Summer 1×09

UPDATE: We added another interview with the creators at the very bottom of the post.


For those who haven’t watched 1×09 yet: SPOILER ALERT.

This is the part about Deb from an interview with Adam and Eddy. They said that season 2 is set in 1970 where Deb (the younger one we saw in 1×06) was a counselor. They said they are inspired by Fargo. That show has a different cast in season 2.

We think Dead of Summer started to get you invested into these characters and then in the end they just killed them off the same way a horror movie does. All the deaths in this show were kind of rush, Deb’s death was even worse. Again her death was too violent, and she should have never left the bus. Episode 6 about her was the best one, the story was beautiful. “The Dharma Bum” didn’t really feel like a horror movie, but we guess we need to take the show like that so the finale would be just like a typical horror film. It’s also sad that we had to see a bad Keith. Their love story was amazing.

Anyway this is the interview:

Not only were they unsuccessful in saving their friend, but they also failed to protect Deb, who met her own bloody end after a fatal encounter with Amy/Malphas. (Amalphas? Malphamy?)

TVLINE | And poor Deb got killed before we found out what she did. Will we find out next week?
HOROWITZ | That would be the line that sets up Season 2 — should there be one.

TVLINE | Who’s going to have the strongest reaction to Deb’s death?
KITSIS | [Laughs] I have a feeling there’s not going to be a lot of time for reacting. They’re all going to be running for their lives, so as much as one might want to stop and mourn, they’ve just got to keep going.
GOLDBERG | Next week, we pick up right after. It’s full-throttle. There’s the aftermath of the events of Episode 9 to contend with; we’re still in the middle of a very scary, intense situation.

TVLINE | Given the ghostly nature of the show, what are the odds we’ll see Deb — and maybe a few other dead characters — next week?
KITSIS | I would be really disappointed if I spent all this time with these characters, and we didn’t get to see at least some of them as ghosts.
GOLDBERG | I think there are some ghost curtain calls coming.
KITSIS | Yes. They come out, we clap and then they all sing a song from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

TVLINE | Are we looking at a cliffhanger next week, or will things be wrapped up neatly?
| We’re very inspired by Fargo, the anthology. People will be connected. Season 2 would be 1970, the summer Deb was a counselor … and there could potentially be a Season 3 set in 2004 where one of these kids — if anyone survives — is now the director.

Source: TV LINE

Moving into the finale, how much is Amy driven by her own dark side and how much is it the demon possessing her?
What we learn in episode 9 is that the possession had nothing to do with her soul, meaning she already came in there a killer. The reason we realized they were never able to bring back Malphas is because they had watched too many horror movies and believed you needed the pure virgin, when what you really need is a dark soul. What you have in Amy and Malphas is a duo who feel caged and are looking to unleash evil on the world.

The other satanists didn’t know what was happening, right? They didn’t realize she was pulling the strings.
She stole their ceremony. The very first time she got the call from Malphas is in episode 9 flashback where she goes to meet Deb, and we see her hand in the water. If you look very closely, you’ll see a very euphoric look on Amy’s face. Then when she gets to camp, she’s very interested in Garrett’s research and the ceremony. What you realize is she stole it from them. She knew the missing ingredient was her.

Amy says Deb isn’t so innocent. What did she mean by that?
That is setting up what we hope to do if there’s a season 2 of the show. We’re going to go back to 1970, the summer when Deb was a counselor, and pay off what Amy is talking about right there when she says, “You’re not so innocent.”
KITSIS: The idea is that this, like Fargo, is an anthology series. We see Deb as a counselor, and we’re going to flash back to her summer as a camper. So although each year of the show will take place in a different year of camp, they may all be tied together through characters and relationships, just like we saw Joel’s brother as a counselor in the Townie-Braces flashback and in Joel’s.
GOLDBERG: But you see, too, starting in episode 8, Deb’s starting to remember things that she’s repressed. The eclipse jarred something loose for her, and there’s a lot more still to be recovered from what happened back in 1970 that she may not even realize yet.

Source: EW

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  • Pinoche29

    So, basically, no more Liz in the next seasons ? 🙁 (Since it would be the younger Deb in the second season, and after her death in the third season if I got this right) I’m kinda mad at them now, I have to admit.

  • witchblade66

    well I’ll not be watching if Liz is not going to be in the show. She is the only reason I watched. sorry but why bother if she’s not in it. The show is good but I want Elizabeth.

  • witchblade66

    well I like the show but I won’t be continuing with it if Elizabeth is not on it. I only watched it for her and I’m not interested in watching it without her.