Dead Of Summer | Our Thoughts: You’Re Gonna Love Deb Carpenter

Dead_Of_Summer_Poster_Elizabeth_Mitchell_Deb_Carpenter.jpgHi guys, Ste and I watched the screener of “Dead Of Summer” this afternoon. We are working for a media outlet about TV Shows so we got the chance to watch the pilot.

We don’t want to give so much away about the plot, also because we can’t, but you’re gonna love the show and Elizabeth’s character so much.

Deb is so warm and caring and at the same time there’s something mysterious about her, but she is so passionate about the camp and her personality almost makes you forget that all circumstances are weird and something makes you even doubt her at some point (at least a couple of times). Her heart seems to be at the right place, she genuinely loves Camp Stillwater so much, and she is so kind and sweet to everyone.
It’s the contrast between her peacefulness and her secrets that makes this character extremely interesting and Elizabeth did really an amazing job to create that. She will never stop to surprise us with what she is capable of.

The show itself is really cool, not too much scary, more disquieting, which is actually better. Even if this is just a pilot you fairly get enough insight into each character. Flashbacks will be used to present them, the same way LOST did, so that’s another great thing.

[Spoiler/Speculation] We kinda have a feeling that Deb is not the only one aware of something. It feels like two different minds have something in common, even if they are not connected (or maybe they are?), but they seem to react the same way at situations. So who knows? 😛 [End Spoiler/Speculation]

Oh Deb’s clothes are great and so is her hair. Love them! Especially the 3 cardigans.

Elizabeth Lail’s character is really nice. That girl is so sweet.

The show is so full of mystery and you will end up wondering who, why and what’s going on all the time, even after the episode ends. This is gonna be an amazing ride!

We can’t wait for you to see the pilot, “Dead of Summer” is really so damn good!

Liz, you’re such a terrific actress with an impeccable taste in always picking up marvellous characters. Thank you!



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