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Crossing Lines: New Video Interview

This is a never seen interview Elizabeth did in Paris last month. 🙂

Crossing Lines


Translation of the questions:

1. Pourquoi avez-vous voulu jouer dans Crossing Lines ?
-> Why did you want to play a part in Crossing Lines ?

2. Où avez-vous tourné ?
-> Where did you shoot ?

3. Aimeriez-vous que votre fils devienne acteur ?
-> Would you like your son to become an actor ?

4. L’emmenez-vous sur le plateau ?
-> Do you bring him on set ?

Source | Thanks so much Pinoche29 for the headup and the translation!

Carine Strand - CJ - Crossing Lines - Elizabeth Mitchell - Family - Interview - Video
  • LPinoche

    Oups sorry folks, I just saw that I made a mistake in my french : Question 3. it’s not spelled “deviennent” but “devienne”… I know it’s probably ok but it’s bugging me, could you fix it whenever you have 1 sec to do it plz ? Thank you ;D