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The fake account on twitter

UPDATE 3 (Jan 13): About what happened yesterday, Bob suggested to report the fake account to twitter.



UPDATE 2: The fake account blocked us thinking she can keep lying to people but as we already said she’s been reported to Elizabeth’s team.

fake account tweets

Fake accounts hurt and actually represent a DAMAGE to the real person, they shouldn’t exist.


UPDATE: This person who is claiming to be Liz on twitter made a manipulation with a real photo of Elizabeth to get people fooled.

She has already been reported to Elizabeth’s team.  She posted this fake photo and then deleted it after we posted the real one.manipulation

She used this real pic of Liz for the manipulation.


Spread the word about the fake account. It’s not fair to Elizabeth and to her fans.


Hello everyone, the new account who is POSING as Liz on twitter is another FAKE account.

We can officially confirm that.

We know that person even followed Liz’s costars, and we already told Charles Mesure (since he retweeted her) it’s NOT her.

Don’t get fooled!

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2 Responses

  1. EMfc lizmit says:

    the second you said. Elizabeth doesn’t like social networks. She said that and why several times. People can be mean and crazy. Plus she doesn’t like to write to people, she prefers a face to face conversation.

  2. Pinoche29 says:

    Does this mean that she’s actually going to be on instagram ? Or is that more of a “If she ever uses a social network, it’ll be instagram”? It would be great if she was on instagram 🙂 We could actually share somthg directly with her finally.