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  • Lizzie Prescott

    I respectfully ask if there is any way to find out if she will be at the Orlando or Boston Walker Stalker Con. I know film schedules change and life happens, but if we knew she definitely was unavailable for either of those it would help. Walker Stalker hasn’t been exactly forthcoming about it. Maybe a publicist could verify. Thanks in advance,

  • lizmit

    I noticed that generally WSC announces about the cancellation only two weeks before the event (it’s up to them and it’s not Liz’s fault). Even if Liz already told them about the other two remaining cons, I think there are things like contracts and more people involved in this so Elizabeth can’t do anything.
    I know for sure that she knew about the new show only about the first days of this month, so that’s why she signed for the cons, otherwise she wouldn’t do it. She always respects her commitments if she can.

    My personal advice is not to buy VIP tickets for her (expecially for the one in June because she will probably still be filming the show).
    Just wait before buying anything.

    Unfortunately I can’t do more, I hope this could help!

  • Lizzie Prescott

    Oh yes, I don’t fault her at all. I understand contracts, etc and I’m sure there were some stipulations regarding cancelations due to booking acting jobs, family responsibilities, and all. I’m thrilled she got this new show and, of course, that would take presidence. My family has already purchased VIP tickets, but WSC will let us transfer them to Orlando or Boston. I know we take a chance at either venue. I was just hoping to find out which would be a better choice. Thanks for your response.

  • Agnès

    I just saw that she had to cancell an other WSC because she is filming, so I would like to ask, did there any risk that she cancelled the convention in Paris ?

  • lizmit

    Can they let you wait to decide which one you wanna go? Or you have to tell them now?

  • lizmit

    She had to cancel these cons because they film Crossing Lines in Europe (and she didn’t know about the show when she signed in for WSC) and she can’t go back in USA while filming the show. Since she is one of the leads, she must be really busy.

    The con in Paris is on Saturday and on Sunday, so to go there and meet the fans she’ll spend her days off, but she should be able to do it since Paris is still Europe, that’s why she said yes.

    And no, she didn’t cancel Paris at the moment. I can’t tell you there is no risk at all because life happens and there could be problems at work, but as I said Liz always does her best to respect a commitment.

  • Agnès

    Okay thanks! I really hope she’ll be there !