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Brink Magazine Outtakes – Never Seen Photos

Hi lovelies!

As you can see we changed the graphic of the site again! 😀 We couldn’t resist because of the new amazing pictures we got!!!!

The Founding Editor at the Brink Magazine was so incredibly kind to give us these exclusive photos of Elizabeth they took 2 years ago. They couldn’t use them all for the issue but he thought to send them to us. How lovely!!!!

This is a good day to make a change, we hope you like the new layouts (main site, gallery and video archive) and enjoy these new wonderful pictures! <3

Stay tuned for more of them! 😉

Photoshoots & Portraits > 2013 > Brink Magazine Outtakes

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_04.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_05.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_03.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_02.jpg
Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_06.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_ouattakes_00.JPG

Thank you so much again, Kyle (Brink Magazine)! You really made a lot of people happy! 😉

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  • yiyi

    The brink photoshoot is my favourite one!!! those never used photos are amazing too!! Liz’s so stunning I can’t handle her perfection ;____;

    The new layouts are so beautiful, I can just sit here and stare at EMfc all day long *_____*

  • Pia

    This photoshoot is one of my favourite ones too!! The new photos are just perfect!!! Liz looks sooo incredibly beautiful!!! *-*

    I really really like the new layouts!!! 🙂

  • lizmit

    Thank you! 🙂 I love these photos so much too! <3

  • lizmit

    Thank you so much, Yiyi! <3

    Hehe she's stunning!!!