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Once Upon A Time – Thoughts about the finale


So ok, this is hard because I’m still emotional over what happened. The end broke my heart. Actually I was devastated by Ingrid’s death. I knew it was coming because I got that was going to happen to her, but still… Liz’s performance is heartbreaking, mind-blowing and everything in between. I love the Snow Queen to pieces. Life was so unfair to her. 🙁

I wanna say that I’m ok for how she died because I was really worried they were about to kill her or trap her in the hat or something. So I’m glad that she died a hero and saved everyone. I’m happy for the brief happiness she got after she knew about her sister, but still I’m gonna cry for a little while anyway. So forgive me if this message doesn’t make so much sense because I’m the same person who cried for all the months between the season 5 finale and the season 6 premiere of LOST. Ok!

This adventure has been amazing! I wanna thank OUAT fandom for being so nice to Liz and for sharing everything from the set with us.

OUAT cast is extraordinary and I’m so glad Liz worked with them, thank you all and thanks Adam & Ed for casting Elizabeth on the show!

Most of all I wanna thank Liz for her astounding performance. It’s a gift you share with all of us and we couldn’t be more lucky!

Your Snow Queen is one of the best characters I saw on the show and I will keep her forever in my heart. Thank you, Elizabeth, so so much!


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7 Responses

  1. NancyBubble says:

    yeah you’re right 🙂

  2. EMfc lizmit says:

    I’m sad too! Liz was so great on the show, I’m gonna miss the character so much, she was really perfection!

  3. EMfc lizmit says:

    hey there, nice to meet you! I’m Adry 🙂 Thank you for your nice words <3

  4. Spiegelkinder Sabrina says:

    thanks for all the infos, I’m from Germany and visit this site every week to see the latest news and photos… so lg and keep it up 🙂

  5. NancyBubble says:

    I’m so sad about Ingrid really so..and when she die i crying and i really want she talk at everyone here by an account for say Ingrid is okay now she have peace and the love of her two sisters. And i thinks that what must append…So see you back Ingrid !!! <3 <3 <3 #TeamSnowQueen #TeamElizabethMitchel #OUAT #Ingrid4EverInYourHeart

  6. EMfc lizmit says:

    YES, she was the only one. Peter Pan was really bad, Cora (I just can’t stand her and never will) was horrible, and Zelena was killed by Rumple after they captured her because she killed Neal.

    I just can’t see the Snow Queen as a villain tho. All the episode I was like “oh no poor Snow Queen”… all the scenes with young Emma broke my heart, I feel so sorry for Ingrid.

    I will always see her as someone who has been a lot in her life, people did bad things to her (Gerda, Rumple…) and she only ended up being obsessed with this sisters thing because she wanted love, but she wasn’t really evil. She was only broken, that’s why in the end she regretted what she did and saved them all.

  7. yiyi says:

    I agree with every word you said Adry!!!! The episode finished 3hours ago but now I’m still an emotional wreck:( I never thought Snow Queen would die this way. She cast a horrible spell on everyone in Storybrooke, ended up with sacrificing herself to save them, it’s just so moved. Was Snow Queen the first “villain” that died a hero on OUAT?

    Snow Queen’s storyline was brilliant, Liz’s performance made it better. When she cried I had tears, when she was frustrated I wanna give her a hug, when she got hurt I felt her pain… Every time Liz shows up, she can easily own the scene. That’s how amazing Liz is.

    So much love for Liz and Snow Queen from everywhere, Liz you deserve all of them ???