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Don’t miss Once Upon A Time 2hr Episode Tonight!

Once Upon A Time - Elizabeth Mitchell as The Snow Queen

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Hey guys we’re gonna have 2 hour episode of Once Upon A Time tonight! Do not miss it because Liz said it’s a lot about the Snow Queen!

Gosh, I really think all of that happens in the next episode [“Smash the Mirror”]. I thought that “The Snow Queen” was going to be the big Snow Queen episode and then we got to the next episode, and I realized, no, that’s the big Snow Queen episode. I got the script for the next one, and I realized there’s so much more to the story. A lot of questions are answered, and you get to see it, which is one of my favorite things about television. Show it, you don’t have us tell it.

Mark Isham (OUAT music composer) posted this photo on his instagram. I guess it’s from tonight’s episode and Liz is so beautiful! <3


And now the usual recap of all the stuff released about the episode! 😉

Interviews with Elizabeth

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Once Upon A Time 4×08 “Smash the Mirror” – Official Press Release


Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost”) Guest Stars as the Snow Queen

“Smash the Mirror” – In Arendelle when the Snow Queen tries to pit Elsa and Anna against each other and it proves more difficult than she anticipates, she takes drastic measures.

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TV Series » Once Upon A Time » BTS » 4×08 “Smash The Mirror” BTS

TV Series » Once Upon A Time » 4×08 Promos

Once Upon A Time 4x08 Promo

Filming 4×08 – October 1

Elizabeth Mitchell Once Upon A Time Filming 4x08

TV Series » Once Upon A Time » Set Photos

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_October_1_197.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Once_Upon_A_Time_set_October_3_17.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Lana_Parilla_Once_Upon_A_Time_oct_5.jpg


  • I noticed something in the trailer, if you want to see the spoiler, check it out on our tumblr.
  • Yellow Ribbons’ spoiler
  • CTV Spoiler
  • TV GUIDE Spoiler
  • On October 1 Liz was spotted on set. The scene they filmed is with a lot of people in 80’s clothes, walking down the streets and Elizabeth Mitchell was standing on the sidewalk. She looked  very confused. It looked like the scene will go like this: the Snow Queen goes through the door, she is confused about where she is and when she turns around, the door is gone. | SEE REPORTSPHOTOS + VIDEOS |
  • On October 3 Liz filmed a scene with a white horse. They had some galloping scenes but they used Liz’s double. | SEE PHOTOS | PHOTOS WITH FANS |
  • On October 5 Lana posted a selfie of her and Liz on her twitter. | SEE PHOTO | Also Beverley Elliot posted a selfie with Liz. | SEE PHOTO |
  • On October 22 ABC posted the press release of the episode. You can read it HERE. It will be 2 hours episode.

4x08 Smash The Mirror - Elizabeth Mitchell - Fanarts - Interview - Once Upon A Time - Snow Queen - Spoilers - Video
  • yiyi

    Awwww thanks!!! Guess you’ve been so busy these days since so many Liz’s interviews were released, thank you so much for all your works?? Can’t wait to see this Big Snow Queen episode!!!

    Ps: I have to say it (again): love your poster SO MUCH??????

  • lizmit

    YAY there’s a lot of stuff, and yes I’m really busy indeed, but it makes me so happy!
    I wasn’t able to finish the caps and the clips from 4×07 yet. I feel so guilty about that LOL but almost there! Maybe they’re up for tomorrow 😛

    Everything released is like a gift, I would never be able to thank her enough for accepting this role.
    In every episode her performace is like watching the most amazing thing in the world… I am not even able to describe how I feel. She’s too good and it makes me so proud of her!
    The scene with Rumple was so powerful I can’t stop thinking about it!

    You’re too kind with my posters tho, this is just something really simple, sincerely if it’s good is just because the photo of Liz is astounding and also Lana looks amazing!

  • lizmit

    Oh btw I’m so excited bc OUAT official account promotes Liz the way she deserves. This makes me so happy <3 <3 <3

  • yiyi

    I KNOW RIGHT?????!!!!!! They tweeted Liz’s pics, interviews, her scenes… Every time I saw them I was like “IS THIS REAL???” ;_____;

  • yiyi

    I FEEL YOU ADRY???? Whenever she shows up I freak out… Her acting is phenomenal just as everyone says, and is always a pleasure to watch:D I love reading her interviews too, such a smart and funny person she is! Makes me love her even more????????

    You’re so sweet and so humble Adry, feel so lucky to have you as a friend thanks to Liz????

  • lizmit

    the things Liz can do… also creating a friendship! <3

  • I am in awe since Lost. I used to do some acting in the past and i find her to be such an amazing artist. She is so perfect indeed. Loved her portrayal of Ingrid. She carries the espisodes so beautifully.