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  • Juliet Burke

    I cant wait to see more of her on OUaT. Casting her was such a good idea. I LOVE her as the snow queen (and everything else she does)

  • kimilonely

    aaaahhhh She’s sooo sweet!! Soo nice to have said that! Really happy for you guys!!

  • Spiegelkinder Sabrina

    I can not wait to see more … the snow queen and elsa have a hard life and they are so graceful at the same time…i really love Elizabeth Michell work…so mg from germany 🙂

  • lizmit

    I’m so happy she is on the snow too! I’ve wanted to see her there for so long 😀 I’m glad it happened!!!

    And she’s perfect as the Snow Queen. I’m already in love with the character!

  • lizmit

    She’s fantastic in everything she does!

  • lizmit

    She is, isnt’s she?! She is always so sweet and kind to us. It’s an honor to have her visiting the site and trusting us so much. I’m so glad she’s happy with what we do.
    All the things she’ve been telling us over the years are priceless and they mean so much to us! I don’t think it’s possible to love her more, but it kind of feels like I love her more everytime I see her. She’s magical!

  • Tiffany

    Omg…it absolutely made my night to hear her say she has the best fans! Seriously, she’s so amazing! She’s so lovable, sweet, and soft spoken, and I just love that she can pull off playing evil characters so well. And I love her laugh…it’s so cute! I just adore her! 🙂