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Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club’s Birthday!

Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club's BirthdayHi Liz lovelies, Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club is 6 today!

I’ve known Liz for 15 years now and in 2008, when I got the chance, I decided to create this site.
It was just a blog with no gallery, no video archive, just a small blog with the news and a lot of passion for this perfectly perfect woman. She was shooting LOST Season 5 at that time!

During these years with the help of my best friend the blog became a site, with a photo gallery, a video archive, info pages, news and everything, while Liz’s career keeps growing as much as my passion for her.
So here we are today, waiting impatiently to see Elizabeth in her next role on ONCE UPON A TIME.

We wanna thank everyone who has helped this site to grow with their love and deep respect for Elizabeth.
But most of all we are grateful for the huge talent this incredible actress shared with the world and the kindness she always treats people with. We are so lucky to have this amazing human being in my life.

Happy Birthday EMfc!

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8 Responses

  1. yiyi says:

    You’re so cute Adry! Supporting Liz with you is one of the best things ever happened in my life! I feel so lucky to fall in love with Liz from Lost, and to have you as my good friend because of her ???

  2. EMfc lizmit says:

    I still can’t believe you’re back! I woke up this morning thinking about Yiyi is back! I missed you so much!
    Thank you always for your kindness and for being such a good friend to me! <3 <3 <3

    Liz is worth it, always!

  3. yiyi says:

    I know this’s toooooooooo late but I still wanna say congrats and thank you so much to run the site!!!!! You’re an amazing person and doing a great job for Liz and for this site, it’s hard to imagine what you’ve gone through to keep it running. Thanks for all your hard work, those Liz’s news you posted on site make me happy everyday ?????

  4. EMfc lizmit says:

    Thank you very much girls! <3 <3 <3

  5. kimilonely kimilonely says:

    Congrats and THANK YOU! This is THE best fansite. Thank you for all the info and hard work!!

  6. Cristiane says:


    I remember the blog because I used to visit it. 😛 I’ve been an Elizabeth fan for a while now. Since season 3 of LOST. Time flies.

    Just came here to give you a well deserved congratulations and to say that I love the site and all the work you do. Especially how dedicated and passionate you are. I love how you update the site very often. It makes me happy to hear that your admiration for Liz keeps growing the same way it makes me happy to get home from work and check out this place to see the latest Liz stuff. This lady here is very grateful for the work you do. 😉

  7. EMfc lizmit says:

    Thank you! <3