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Dreamcast for Liz and Josh Holloway

I would love to see her with Josh again so much. TV LINE has a suggestion for the couple:

Homes for Cancelled Shows’ Stars:

Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell

PAST GIGS | Intelligence and Revolution

NEW GIG | Anything that reunites the Lost lovers, like a Mad Men guest spot as a California couple that tempts Don and Megan into some partner-swapping. Period costumes, sexy shenanigans and Jon Hamm, what could be better?

Thanks Yiyi for the headup!

Elizabeth Mitchell - Josh Holloway - Suliet
  • Marcel Rizzo

    And both these phenomenal actors were on one of the greatest, most brilliant, and highest rating TV series in television history, supernatural drama hit LOST, which never got cancelled, as the end of the series was decided by its producers.