Revolution: Rachel and Miles’ Kiss [Full Video]

Thanks to TV LINE we now have the deleted scene of Rachel and Miles’ kiss from Revolution 2×04. Enjoy! 🙂

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson

Earlier this season on NBC’s Revolution (Wednesdays, 8/7c), Rachel — shortly after recuperating from an arrow wound — got pulled into an unexpected kiss by onetime flame/brother-in-law Miles. And though the scene made it into promos, it got snipped before it saw the light of day.

Until now.

In sharing the “lost” moment with TVLine exclusively, co-executive producer Anne Cofell Saunders says, “We’re releasing the scene as a direct response to fans reaching out to us on Twitter. For all of you who have been tweeting me asking for it, here’s your scene. You’re awesome.”

Revolution star Elizabeth Mitchell previously gave TVLine her own take on the scene, saying, “I loved it because I felt like that’s what you do in life — things get all crazy and you’re like, ‘Oh, hi! I missed you, too.’” But as much as Rachel visibly relished it, TPTB decided the timing of the clinch was “weird.”

Check out the lost liplock below, and render your own verdict. As Revolution continues Season 2 this Wednesday, Rachel and her father continue to struggle with their relationship, while Neville takes a gamble with the Patriots.