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  • vall

    Do u know why we didnt see the Rachel-Miles kissing scene in ep.4..Are we going to watch it at the next ones?? thk u!!

  • lizmit

    no, I have no idea why they deleted that scene. It’s not the first time though. They did the same in episode 2, they cut off the the scene of all the promotional pictures. That’s really a weird behaviour.

  • vall

    That’s true.!! I hope to watch them as a flashback or something..cause I guess they are really good scenes..Thanks anyway!!!

  • Yiyi

    This is another episode mainly focused on Rachel’s story!!!! I’m so excited!!!! Actually I really love our stubborn Rachel. Yes she’s stubborn, she’s also kind and strong. She’s always the (only) person who want truth.
    Thanks for Liz’s amazing performances, we can see lovely Rachel, drunk Rachel, frustrated Rachel, persistent Rachel, guilty Rachel etc. Besides, she’s stunning in EVERY SECOND of her scenes!!!!!! I can’t get enough of her appearances, the more the better:)

    As a RachelxMiles shipper since season1, I love s2 soooooooooo much. I still enjoyed how they’re so protective to each other in S2x03, then at the beginning of this ep Miles called Rachel “Princess” I freaked out when I heard this. *_* and lots of MilesxRachel moments *_*….i’m gonna make gifsets about them in this weekend. I’m kinda disappointed on the cut of RachelxMiles kiss tho…