Revolution 2×04 More Photos and Podcast – PowerHalfHour Chat

UPDATE: I added what one of the writers said on twitter about Rachel and Elizabeth. I love this woman already from the podcast. 🙂

Question 14: Which character are you most drawn to as a writer?
Anne Cofell Saunders: Probably Elizabeth. I like writing strong female characters (Charlie, Starbuck and Lois Lane, too.)

Question 8: How did you bounce dear Elizabeth Mitchell down those stairs? I swear it was her head bouncing!
Anne Cofell Saunders: Ah-ha, success! (But seriously, very carefully.)

Question 6: Considering Rachel’s smarter than all of them, sans Aaron, will we see her do more w/ the sci-fi storyline?
Anne Cofell Saunders: I love Rachel too, and we’re going to make sure she kicks butt!

Question 3: since Miles & Rachel’s kiss scene was cut out of 204 will we get to see them kissing in a diff. ep!?
Anne Cofell Saunders: I’M SO SORRY! It fell out at the last minute, but there will be love!

There is no interview with Liz in the podcast but it is focused on Rachel since this episode was a lot about her. YAY! Loved it so much! Rachel is a badass!

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson

We added more stills and bts photos from Revolution 2×04. Elizabeth’s performance was stunning in this episode! 🙂 You rock, Liz!

lizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_still_09.JPG lizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_still_07.JPG lizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_still_08.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_BTS.JPG Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_official_cap_28129.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Revolution_2x04_official_cap_28229.jpg