Revolution 2×01 Promo 2 – Elizabeth’s parking spot sign

UPDATE: We added a better quality version of the promo.

Hello everyone… there is a new Revolution season 2 promo. The video has 2 scenes with Rachel and a new promotinal footage. Obviously it contains SPOILERS.

Revolution Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson

I just can’t help but wondering what is going on with Rachel in the second scene. :O And Liz looks stunning and so intense. <3

Oh you need to see this:

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Parking_spot_sign.jpgIt’s the parking spot sign Elizabeth has in Texas (at Revolution studios). It’s the only one with a flower and a smiley face. She’s such an adorable human being!

Thanks  Televisionpromo and @Oceanic815KC for the photo!

One thought on “Revolution 2×01 Promo 2 – Elizabeth’s parking spot sign

  • August 15, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    I already watched the trailer. How short! I thought it was gonna be longer. 🙁 We got just three seconds of Liz. 🙁 Anyways, Liz looks stunning here with no make-up and a Juliet Burke type of outfit, but that’s obvious! 🙂 I cannot wait.

    And her father, maybe he’s sorry because he was absent from her life and he wanted to apologize, or he understands Rachel’s situation and he just thought she needed a hug. 🙁

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