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Elizabeth and Chris divorced

According to the messages Chris Soldevilla posted on twitter he and Elizabeth have divorced “due to irreconcilable differences”. We’re very sorry to hear that, our heart is with Elizabeth.

If you feel the need to comment this, please respect Liz’s privacy especially for CJ. Thank you!

Elizabeth, we love you.

CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - X

9 Responses

  1. yiyi Yiyi says:

    Liz, love you to the moon and back <3 <3 <3

  2. Alan Bareiro says:

    I really hope they solve this in good terms, for CJ and themselves. Really sad. :'(

  3. Hello swettie says:

    All the love & support for Liz

  4. Omur Topyan says:

    you’re the most beautiful woman of the most likeable.

    I hope, everything will be all right ..

  5. Agnès Guery says:

    Liz I love you to the moon ? I am with you !

  6. Olivia Thompson says:

    This is such sad news 🙁 My thoughts and prayers are with Liz, Chris, and CJ during this time. I love you Liz <3

  7. Alan Bareiro says:

    Awwww. I really hope she’s dealing with this the best way… I really hope this whole thing doesn’t affect her… 🙁 Liz <3

  8. Liz says:

    Breaks my heart. 🙁
    Now we know why she probably wasn’t at comic con and etc.

    Love you Liz, be strong and stay focused! XOXO

  9. madhatter says:

    Terrible news they were such a cute couple. I hope they can be civil for the sake of CJ and that he remains their number one priority.
    I’m sad to hear of the split I wonder if those rumours about Charles mesure from a while back had any truth to them 🙁