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Q&A with Revolution’s Elizabeth Mitchell by The Nature Conservancy

Remember the tweet posted by The Nature Conservancy? Now they published an interview with Elizabeth and Billy Burke. I don’t know why Liz’s Q&A is the smallest of all. 🙁 Anyway this’s her part:

Conservancy Talk: What’s your favorite movie set in nature?
Actor Elizabeth Mitchell:
Probably Enchanted April. The awakening of the land so beautifully mirrored the awakening of the characters.
Conservancy Talk: What’s your favorite energy-saving tip?
Elizabeth Mitchell
Read. Talk to the ones you love. Play board games and marbles by candlelight.
Conservancy Talk: Why is protecting the planet important to you?
Elizabeth Mitchell
It’s all we have. It’s our boat. It my son’s future. Our children’s future.
Conservancy Talk: What was your most memorable experience in nature?
Elizabeth Mitchell
I was on a walk with my son and a tiny owl landed right in front of us. Magical.

Source: blog.nature.org

CJ - Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview