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Brink Magazine Issue – Photos and Interview

UPDATE: Ben Carter, the photographer, has just shared this photo on twitter:

Elizabeth Mitchell

Brink Magazine is finally out and Elizabeth is their cover story! You can see the amazing pics and read the interview on their site. They have a pdf and an ipad version, but you can also buy a print for just 12$.  We wanna thank people at Brink Magazine for this amazing issue and also for mentioning the site! 🙂

Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_01.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_02.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_03.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_04.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_05.jpg Elizabeth_Mitchell_Brink_Magazine_06.jpg

Elizabeth said very nice things about us of the site in this interview… oh my… *Blushing*

Liz, as we told you some time ago, we feel extremely honored for what you think about us. We feel privileged just because you’re in our life. There’s a light in you and that light is something you convey to all your fans. So if you see something beautiful here it’s all you, shining human being! <3

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  • OH MY GOD!!! My name is in this!!!!! She answered my question!!!! Best day of my life!!!!! Seriously think I’m going to pass out haha!!! 😀 😀 😀

  • I’m realy happy for you!that was a good one!I miss Juliet so much!

  • Guest

    Thanks!! haha 🙂 I miss Juliet so much too!

  • Thanks!! 🙂 I miss Juliet so much too!

  • lizmit

    Anyway this is an amazing interview. It’s always so interesting to read/listen what she has to say, expecially when she talks about how she feels about her art. All the process and her experience in this field. I always think “Wow, what a great mind!”