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[Video] Interview with Elizabeth and Revolution Reviews

UPDATE: Review added.

The final scene with Rachel being called out by Brad on what she was really making was interesting. There was one weird beat, in that the scene called for Rachel to have that big moment of regret/grief as she killed Brad, in the midst of being hardcore, showing Monroe how far she’d go to stay essential. It was just kind of funny to see her turn on a dime from nearly sobbing, “I’m sorry” to her stone-faced, “Now you need me.” But overall, that was pretty badass, Rachel – and Elizabeth Mitchell certainly put her all into selling all of this in such a short amount of time.

Source: IGN – I added more reviews here.

Interview with Elizabeth on Revolution set:

Interview with Elizabeth Mitchell on REVOLUTION set


Interview: “It keeps getting more and more interesting,” said Elizabeth Mitchell, “What can you tease? oh yeah, more people will die, how’s that?” Most people know Mitchell from Lost— the show Revolution creator J.J. Abrams is most well known for.She told us, “He draws really intricate characters in extraordinary situations and I can’t think of anything better than that.”Elizabeth Mitchell says she visits Charlotte often because her acupuncturist lives here. Source: WCNC

Review: As a long-time Elizabeth Mitchell fan, I have to praise the Revolution creators in choosing her for this role. I doubt another actress could switch between emotions as quickly and smoothly as Mitchell does in the moments before Rachel kills her friend. Mitchell’s performance in this episode is just stunning and Rachel has become one of the most compelling characters on the show.  Buddy TV

Elizabeth Mitchell - Interview - J.J. Abrams - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Revolution Reviews - Set - Video
  • Every character she plays is the most compelling one anyway. She know how to steal a show, ladies and gentlemen… ELIZABETH MITCHELL!