Revolution 1×10 Ratings and Recap

Hey guys, ratings are up this week! How about that!
1×10 Viewers:   8.70 million, A18-49: 2,9 (18-49 leader)

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1×10 Recap

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD? | Monroe locks up Charlie alongside someone she never thought she’d see again: Her mother! The reunion is not all hugs. Rather, overcome with emotion and shock, Charlie steps back when Rachel tries to embrace her. Mom, meanwhile, is surprised to hear that her daughter has arrived with her uncle in tow. “Miles is here? Did he hurt you?” she asks with some concern. The Matheson family’s This-Is-No-Picnic outing grows when Rachel and Charlie are then taken to Danny, but their relief at all being together is short-lived. Monroe demands that Rachel finish the amplifier — or he will kill one of her children. Charlie volunteers herself in order to stop countless others from getting murdered by a powered-up Monroe Republic, but Rachel won’t allow the sacrifice. She completes the tech just before stabbing the creeptastic Strausser (“That’s for what you did to me, you sick son of a bitch,” she growls) and running into Miles, who’s as surprised to learn she’s alive as she was to learn of his participation. Their troubled history is not so easily forgotten, so she slaps him. (Was it just me or did it seem like they were going to kiss instead for a second? UPDATE: Matt Mitovich agrees that it looked like a kiss was coming.)
Source: TV Line