REVOLUTION 4 months break – 1×06 Ratings – Set Photo (update)

UPDATE 2: Final Ratings: 7,9 million, A18-49:  3.0 (this could be related to Hurricane Sandy)
NBC will air the episode again on Friday at 8/9.

UPDATE (Oct. 31): I forgot to post this  photo tweetted by Tim Guinee. You can see Liz reflected on the camera with her hands on her head.

Keeping Elizabeth Mitchell’s eyeline close to camera: holding half of the camera.


Hey guys there’ll be a huge break from November (let’s hope it’s the end of the month) till March 25 2013.

NBC today announced changes to its 2013 primetime mid-season schedule:

“Revolution” — the season’s only bona fide new hit series — will return and follow “The Voice” on March 25 (10-11 p.m. ET) when it concludes its current fall broadcast dates in November.

Source: NBC

Ratings (a bit down from last week but always 18-49 leader): 1×06 gained 8.39 million, A18-49:  3.1