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The biggest and most welcomed twist of REVOLUTION 1×02 is that Elizabeth’s character, Rachel, is still alive. We gathered some REVOLUTION reviews (Elizabeth’s parts only) in this post.
In the one you can read the difference between Elizabeth’s Rachel and Andrea Roth’s Rachel. Interesting!

My favourite parts:

  • “You don’t cast Mitchell unless you plan to use her.”
  • About Rachel “Also she, unlike her husband, is a total BAMF”
  • “Mitchell’s always impeccable performances”
  • “I’m just being swayed by Elizabeth Mitchell”
  • “We also discovered that Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) is alive! Not entirely surprising because who in their right mind would limit the wonderful Mitchell to flashback duty?”
  • “C’mon, guys. You knew geek goddess Elizabeth Mitchell would never be hired to play a character who only sporadically appears in flashbacks.”

This is the part of TV Guide’s review with also a small interview with Elizabeth.

There was no second week letdown for Revolution Monday night. The second episode, “Chained Heat,” was a shocking, action-filled hour, ending with a twist to keep us talking and guessing until next week. Until then, here are our six burning questions. [Spoilers ahead]

6. And of course: Rachel’s alive?! C’mon, guys. You knew geek goddess Elizabeth Mitchell would never be hired to play a character who only sporadically appears in flashbacks. Rachel’s alive — and living with the enemy! Say it ain’t so! Then again, as we saw when she pulled the trigger on the future soldier, Rachel might not be as sweet as she seems. So what exactly led her to live with the militia (though it appears she might be more hostage than houseguest)?

According to Mitchell, we’ll have to wait until Episode 6 to learn exactly why Rachel abandoned her family. However, she did give some hints. “I feel like if you kind of let your imagination go to what would happen to a devoted mother of two kids — invested, protective — what would take her away from her kids? And you can usually come up with exactly the right answer,” the actress told

So did Rachel sacrifice herself for the good of her family? More importantly, knowing now that her husband’s dead and son’s in custody, will she sell out the rebellion to save Danny?

What did you think of “Chained Heat”? And whose side do you think Rachel’s on?

Source: TV Guide

Speaking of her mom I will assume you’ve seen the episode because…

SHE’S ALIVE Y’ALL. I mean it makes sense. They cast Elizabeth Mitchell in the role and on tv you don’t cast Mitchell unless you plan to use her. So she, unlike her husband, will not be appearing in flashbacks only. Also she, unlike her husband, is a total BAMF and is being held hostage by old family friend Monroe who has gone mad wielding power and slid so far down the scale of morality that I’d have to invoke Godwin’s Law for a good comparison.

This is the show Eric Kripke’s name and some excellent teasers promised us. Mommy Mitchell’s survivor immediately ups the wattage storywise. It’s no longer the milquetoast adventures of irritating Leia/Luke and her low rent Han Solo uncle with special guests “much interesting characters.” Because between Mitchell’s always impeccable performances and the fact that she’s not written nearly as stupidly as her progeny the stakes have been raised. Charlie isn’t just on an adventure to rescue her brother who might be better off leaving this mortal plane anyways. It about her chance to be reunited with a mother long thought dead.

Also, lest you think I’m just being swayed by Elizabeth Mitchell, that magic storyline Kripke talked about? It’s being unleashed.

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We also discovered that Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) is alive! Not entirely surprising because who in their right mind would limit the wonderful Mitchell to flashback duty? But what was surprising was how much the writers changed her situation. In the original pilot, which wasn’t screened for the public, Rachel—then played by Andrea Roth—appeared in the final scene with her arms draped around Monroe like they were more-than-friends. Here, she was a prisoner and even attempted to Joe-Pesci-from Casino the bad guy, a total 180 from the original pilot. I’m guessing the character change had a lot to do with the recasting, because for the life of me I can’t imagine Mitchell playing anyone but a sympathetic character and not a two-timing traitor.

Source: TV.Com

Who will turn out to be the toughest Revolution lady? Vote for Rachel here.


Similarly, it was refreshing to finally see more than five seconds of Elizabeth Mitchell who, despite her small amount of screen time, has been promised to have a larger and more poignant role in the series. Mitchell is absolutely fantastic with the way she conveys her emotions through subtle yet heartbreaking facial expressions, and she makes any character she plays a joy to watch and analyze. As any fans of LOST will attest to, bringing depth and clarity to a role that would otherwise be one-note is what she does best and if it’s not completely obvious as to why she was chosen to play this character, I urge you to re-watch choice moments of the episode, specifically the end where she’s told that Ben is dead and Danny has been captured.

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2 thoughts on “REVOLUTION 1×02 Reviews about Elizabeth

  • September 26, 2012 at 7:18 am

    Rachel’s character is the better part of this show. Not just saying this because I love Elizabeth Mitchell and she can do no wrong. Now that we know she is alive and she is with Monroe, there are so many questions around that matter. I didn’t expect to see her alive so soon (I thought maybe episode 6) but I am really glad we know it already. I hope that means we’ll get more scenes with her, because really I watch everything she is in… Elizabeth is just so faultless!

  • September 26, 2012 at 6:04 am

    I was really excited to see Rachel was alive in Revolution, although it’s true that I kind of assumed it already. My coworkers at DISH have mostly given up on this show already, but I’ve watched most of everything Mitchell has been in, like Lost, and I do want to stick it out. I didn’t get to watch Monday’s episode live, but last night I was able to catch up, since my Hopper recorded it with the PrimeTime Anytime feature, and I didn’t have to give up any of my other shows to watch it. I am excited to see what can happen next week, especially with Rachel and what she happens to know. I guess we will see how the show goes, week by week!

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