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REVOLUTION: Promotional Photos, Spoilers, Comic Con and Artworks

UPDATE (July 13): I’ve just updated the gallery with some photos of the promotional stuff they have at Comic Con.

At the end of this post you can see the giant poster they’ll have on the side of the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego.

Since we don’t have any promotional photo of Elizabeth at the moment because she’s just joined the show, I made something myself.
So these are not official promo shoots, but they are made by me.


(The photos of Elizabeth I used are from V & Lost Photoshoot)

I don’t know about you but I’ve been looking for new information about REVOLUTION since we got the news Elizabeth will be a regular in it. Not that I wasn’t interested before, I mean it’s JJ, I would have watched it anyway.

I read this article by Deadline (from May 23). It’s about the departure of Andrea Roth and who’s the other character who won’t be a regular anymore. (Click on “read more” to read it)


“Broadcast networks and studios continue to make tweaks to their newly picked-up series, changing and recasting some of the roles. NBC’s highest-profile new drama, J.J. Abrams-Eric Kripke’s Revolution, is reconceiving one character and phasing out another. The action drama follows a group of people struggling to survive in a world where all forms of energy have ceased to exist. The character of Rachel, mother of two of the leads, is being reworked, leading to the departure of Andrea Roth. Rescue Me alumna Roth, who was sought after this past season, played the role in the pilot after getting a straight offer. Meanwhile, the character played in the pilot by Anna Lise Phillips, a doctor, will no longer be regular. Phillips is expected to do several episodes to wrap the character’s storyline.” Source


One of the things I like the most of JJ Abrams is that he always has a central role for female characters. I really hope that all the changes they’re making for Rachel Matheson go down that road. Otherwise why casting a big name like Elizabeth Mitchell? 😀 So I’m very hopeful for this show. Furthermore considering the choices she has always been making for her roles, well this character must be really interesting! I can’t wait to see it!

If you missed it, read what Mitovich has to say about it.

Elizabeth won’t be at Comic Con, but there will be a panel for REVOLUTION and the screening the old version of the Pilot.

Here the details:

Panel: Saturday, July 14 at 6:00/7:00 PM  (Room 6BCF, Convention Center)
Creator/Executive Producer Eric Kripke and the stars Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito, Tracy Spiridakos and J.D. Pardo will attend the screening and Q&A.
Autograph Signing: Saturday, July 14 at 12:30/1:15PM (Warner Bros. Booth 4545,  Convention Center)
Interactive Stuff:

  • From the trailer take a trip through the “Grimm” forest and visit the Wesen Monuments for a description of which Wesen to look out for in the forest. Receive a “Grimm”/ “Revolution” bag if you make it out of the forest.
  • “Revolution” takes over the peninsula tip of Gaslamp Square Park with the actual Ferris wheel from the “Revolution” pilot, and an abandoned car transformed into a garden. Get a “Revolution” power button pin and a re-usable water bottle on your trip through “Revolution Village.”

From EW:

When fans invade San Diego on July 12-15, they’re not going to be able to miss NBC’s Revolution tease. The upcoming J.J. Abrams drama, which is hosting two preview screenings and a panel session at the event, will decorate the side of the Hilton Bayfront. And what better way to send a message to geeks about a show where their electrical devices stop working than this ultra-simple image? Also, Revolution‘s teaser tagline — “Power Is Everything” — is strong and fits the show perfectly (it’s not necessarily the final tagline for fall, I’m told, but that’s pretty tough to beat). Nice touch: The show’s title is just a hashtag at the bottom. Here’s an exclusive look at a mock-up of the building:

This is so cool!

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  • They really should use your manip for the Promotional Image!  Always a great job!