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Elizabeth Mitchell joins Revolution – JJ Abrams new show

elizabeth mitchell in revolution

UPDATE 4: (July 6): We added a PAGE with REVOLUTION videos. For now there’s no scene with Elizabeth obviously, so all the videos won’t be added in the media archive, but we thought they are worth the watching to know what the series is about and its style.

REVOLUTION is one of the highly anticipated shows of the season. At the end of this page we added other reviews from people who watched the pilot already (Hollywood Report included), so you can read some further details.


UPDATE 2/3 (July 2): The production of the series starts on July 16. REVOLUTION page has been updated and I also added some nice Elizabeth mentions at the end of this post.

UPDATE: I did some digging. So here some info:

Elizabeth joins J.J. Abrams’ new show REVOLUTION as series regular. She’ll play Rachel Matheson, the mother of the two leads, Charlie and Danny Matheson, and appear in the series in flashbacks (it looks like the character is dead in present day – watch sneak peek 3 below -). The pilot was filmed in Georgia, but they’ll shoot the series in Wilmington, NC. It is produced by Warner Bros and will premiere Monday, Sept. 17 at 10/9c on NBC but there’ll be a world premiere screening of the pilot at Comic-Con on Wednesday, July 11, or during the Revolution panel on Saturday, July 14.

I’m posting some trailers and sneak peeks of the pilot, not with Elizabeth, because she should film the scenes previusly shot by Andrea Roth (Harper from LOST) in that role. (updated) You can watch all the videos HERE.


Here some of the sites that reported the news:

Elizabeth Mitchell is reuniting with Lost creator J.J. Abrams as a series regular on his post-apocalyptic NBC drama Revolution, TVLine has learned.

Mitchell will play Rachel Matheson, the mother of Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Danny Matheson (Graham Rogers), and appear in a series in flashbacks. (The role was filled by Rescue Me‘s Andrea Roth in the original pilot.)

Abrams and writer Eric Kripke (Supernatural) are executive-producing Revolution, in which all of the power in the world mysteriously shuts off. Picking up 15 years after the catastrophe, the series follows a band of survivors trying to evade a ruthless militia unit that wants to get the current flowing again, though for the wrong reasons.

The Twilight saga’s Billy Burke plays Miles, the survivors’ unlikely leader and Rachel’s brother-in-law, and Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito is Captain Neville, a sadistic militia commander. On Friday, Daniella Alonso (Friday Night Lights) was added to the cast as Nora, a rebel fighter.

Mitchell’s other TV credits include V and the HBO movie Gia, opposite Angelina Jolie.

Revolution premieres Monday, Sept. 17, at 10 pm/9c.

Source: TV LINE

Elizabeth Mitchell is returning to TV!

The Lost and V alum has joined the cast of NBC’s new drama Revolution as a series regular, TVGuide.com has learned.

From Eric Kripke, J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk, Revolution follows a group of characters struggling to survive and reunite with loved ones in a world where all forms of energy have mysteriously ceased to exist. Mitchell will portray Rachel Matheson, the mother of Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Danny (Graham Rogers).

Andrea Roth was previously cast in the role before the producers decided to revamp her character. Mitchell’s Rachel will appear on the series in flashbacks, whereas Roth appeared in present day.

Mitchell is best known for playing Juliet Burke, an Other, on Lost and FBI Agent Erica Evans on V. Her other credits include ER, Gia and Law & Order: SVU.

NBC’s new drama — also starring Giancarlo Esposito, Billy Burke, David Lyons, Tim Guinee, JD Pardo, Zak Orth and Anna Lise Philips, whose character is expected to be phased out — will premiere Monday, Sept. 17 at 10/9c on NBC.

Source: TV Guide


‘Lost’ favorite Elizabeth Mitchell joins J.J. Abrams’ ‘Revolution’

Huge casting news: Lost fan favorite Elizabeth Mitchell is reuniting with executive producer J.J. Abrams on his new NBC show Revolution.

Mitchell will play the compassionate and concerned long-absent mother of the show’s two young leads, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Danny (Graham Rogers), who set off on a dangerous cross-country journey.

The hire returns to series TV a veteran actress proclaimed a geek goddess following her breakout roles as Juilet on ABC’s Lost and playing a resistance fighter on the alien invasion drama V. Revolution is set in a post-apocalyptic future when all electrical devices have stopped functioning and the United States is controlled by rival militias. The series premiere is Monday, Sept. 17.

Source: EW


Elizabeth Mitchell is returning to TV. According to TVLine, the “Lost” and “V” veteran will appear in NBC’s “Revolution.”

Mitchell will replace Andrea Roth on “Revolution” in the role of Rachel Matheson, the mother of Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Danny Matheson (Graham Rogers). The series hails from “Lost’s” J.J. Abrams and “Supernatural’s” Eric Kripke and is set in a world where all electricity has been mysteriously shut off. Mitchell will appear as a series regular.

Billy Burke, David Lyons and Giancarlo Esposito also star.

“Revolution” premieres Mon., Sept. 17, at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

Source: Huffington Post


Lost alumna Elizabeth Mitchell is reuniting with the ABC drama’s co-creator/executive producer JJ Abrams. Mitchell is joining Abrams/Eric Kripke’s upcoming NBC series Revolution as a regular. The action drama, which landed NBC’s marquee post-The Voice time slot, follows a group of people, led by Miles (Billy Burke) struggling to survive in a world where all forms of energy have ceased to exist. In a recasting, Mitchell will play Rachel Matheson, the mother of Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos) and Danny Matheson (Graham Rogers). The Rachel character, played in the pilot by Andrea Roth, will appear in the series in flashbacks. Mitchell joins another new regular just cast in Revolution, Daniella Alonso. Mitchell, repped by IFA and Kritzer Levine Wilkins Griffin Nilon, most recently starred on ABC’s V.

Source: Deadline


Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost”) has joined the cast of upcoming NBC drama “Revolution.”

Mitchell will play the role originally portrayed by Andrea Roth in the pilot of the show, about a future world without any electricity, in an ensemble that includes Giancarlo Esposito, Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Anna Lise Phillips, Zak Orth, Graham Rogers, J.D. Pardo, David Lyons, Maria Howell and Tim Guinee.

“Revolution” is exec produced by Eric Kripke, J.J. Abrams, Jon Favreau and Bryan Burk for Bonanza Prods. in association with Bad Robot Prods., Kripke Enterprises and Warner Bros. TV. The drama is scheduled to premiere in its 10 p.m. Monday timeslot Sept. 17.

Mitchell is repped by IFA and manager Ben Levine.

Source: Variety


It’s a Lost reunion for NBC’s Revolution.
The upcoming freshman drama from Lost’s J.J. Abrams and Supernatural’s Eric Kripke has brought in former Lost star Elizabeth Mitchell as a series regular, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The adventure drama, starring Twilight’s Billy Burke, is set in a world that exists after every piece of technology including cars, planes, computers, phones and lights mysteriously black out forever and follows a family struggling to reunite in the post-apocalyptic world.
Mitchell will play Rachel Matheson, mother of Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Danny (Graham Rogers), who is described as a beautiful and warm parent who’s terrified of the ordeal that her children will face as they navigate the dystopian world. Mitchell (Gia) will appear in flashbacks.

She’ll replace Andrea Roth, who played the role in the pilot, and join new castmember Daniella Alonso, who will play a new character, Nora, a rebel fighter.
Mitchell played Dr. Juliet Burke on Abrams’ ABC island-set drama Lost from 2006-10. The Revolution role marks her first series regular gig since she spent two seasons starring as Erica Evans on ABC’s V reboot. More recently, she appeared in a guest stint on NBC’s Law & Order: SVU.
Mitchell is repped by IFA Talent Agency, Kritzer Levine and Hirsch Wallerstein.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


“Lost” alum Elizabeth Mitchell has landed a series regular role on J.J. Abrams’ latest television show, “Revolution.” Written by “Supernatural” creator Erik Kripke, “Revolution” explores a future where all forms of electronic technology have ceased to work. Mitchell will play the mysterious Rachel Matheson, replacing Andrea Roth, who played the role in the pilot.

Rachel is the estranged mother of Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Danny (Graham Rogers), whose world is thrown into further turmoil when their father is killed by the militia and Danny is kidnapped. Charlie sets off to find her uncle (Billy Burke) to save her younger brother.

THR, who first reported the casting, describes Rachel as “a beautiful and warm parent who’s terrified of the ordeal that her children will face as they navigate the dystopian world.”

“Revolution” has also cast Daniella Alonso, who recurred on “Friday Night Lights” and “One Tree Hill.” Alonso will play Nora, a freedom fighter who has turned her back on her wealthy family. Nora, who has a romantic history with Billy Burke’s character, has a “lethal” streak and truly believes the world is better off without power.

“Revolution” will air Mondays on NBC this fall.

Source: ZAP2IT


Some nice mentions

We are so thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Mitchell to the cast of #Revolution!


NBC’s Revolution, the much anticipated – at least by me – post-Apocalypse show from J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke had added to more actresses to the cast in the (fine) form of Daniella Alonso and that of Elizabeth Mitchell, who portrayed one of my favorite and role-bullying characters ever as Juliet in LOST. Post-Apocalypse might be pushing it, but the general gist of Revolution is we are 15 years after  that the word’s power shuts of  and since I’m not there to change the batteries or flip the switch, humanity and civilization falls, and nobody can be on Twitter or Facebook (like I said, post-Apocalypse). The world reacts like a cool  video game by forming militias that fight each other.



Elizabeth Mitchell’s body of work thus far has put her all over the map as far as genres go, but more recently, it’s likely that people would associate her best for the work she’s done in sci-fi, having played key roles in ABC’s Lost, and more recently, the short-lived V. It looks like she’ll be sticking to the genre, as it’s been reported that she’s joining NBC’s promising-looking scifi-drama series Revolution.

Revolution takes place after all energy on earth ceases to exist and society has to move forward without electricity. The series already has a lot going for it, with J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke behind it and an exciting-sounding premise to work with. It also has a cast that includes Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito. And now according to TV Guide, Elizabeth Mitchell is joining the series, taking over the role originally played by Andrea Roth in the pilot. Back in May, Deadline reported that Roth’s role as the mother of the two lead characters in the series was being reworked, which led to the former Rescue Me star’s exit from the series.

TV Guide says Mitchell’s Revolution character Rachel will appear on the series in flashbacks, which is a shift from how they had the character set up in the pilot, when Roth was playing the role. Roth’s version of Rachel appeared in the present day. But I have to figure that this isn’t the only change being made, otherwise why the recast, right? Based on what we’ve seen of Roth and Mitchell in past roles, I would speculate that the nature of the character might also have changed. While both actors have proven the ability to play strong, capable women, Roth’s roles in Rescue Me and more recently Ringer had her playing someone with a bit of a tough, sneaky streak in her. Whereas Mitchell seems like she might be a better fit for someone with softer, more maternal side, assuming that’s what they’re going for. Regardless, Mitchell’s addition is great casting news, and a new reason to look forward to Revolution.

Source: Cinema Blend


“Revolution” will reunite Elizabeth Mitchell with J.J. Abrams. The actress, who played Dr. Juliet Burke on “Lost” which was co-created by Abrams, has landed a regular role on his upcoming show.

The 34-year-old beauty will portray Rachel Matheson, the mother of Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Danny (Graham Rogers) who embark on a dangerous journey after the world was suddenly thrust back into the dark ages without electricity.

Rachel is described as a beautiful and warm parent who’s terrified of the ordeal that her children will face as they navigate the dystopian world. The character will appear in flashbacks and was previously portrayed by Andrea Roth in the pilot.



Of all the new network shows premiering this Fall, ‘Revolution‘ surely looks the most ambitious. An epic science fiction tale from the guys behind ‘Lost‘ and ‘Supernatural‘? What is there not to be excited about? The trailers for ‘Revolution’ — which takes place in a world where electricity has mysteriously ceased to be, sending the entire planet into a post-apocalyptic tailspin — definitely look promising.

Elizabeth Mitchell (known to TV fans as Juliet on ‘Lost’) joining the cast certainly doesn’t hurt.

 Mitchell will be playing the role of  Rachel Matheson, mother to two of the series protagonists, Charlie and Danny. The character was played by another actress in the pilot, but it looks like the producers decided the role needed a little more star power and the character’s scenes will be reshot. Deadline says that her character is expected to appear in a number of flashbacks in addition to her time in the pilot, which suggests that Rachel Matheson may not be long for this world.

Mitchell was one of the best actresses on ‘Lost’ (quite a feat considering the quality of that cast).We don’t know how large her role in ‘Revolution’ is, but her casting is just another reason to tune into what looks like one of the coolest shows of 2012.



Thanks to some last-minute recasting, scene-stealing beauty Elizabeth Mitchell, a veteran of Lost and one of the best things in the reboot of V, will be a regular on the NBC post-apocalyptic series Revolution.

The high-buzz new series is a collaboration of Lost creator J.J. Abrams and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, which means this will be a reunion for Mitchell and Abrams. And thanks to both Lost and V, Mitchell has plenty of experience playing characters dealing with a radically changed world.

Mitchell will play Rachel Matheson, the mother of Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos) and Danny Matheson (Graham Rogers). The character, played in the pilot by Andrea Roth of Rescue Me, will appear in the series in flashbacks.

Revolution already features a small cluster of actors who can make any character fascinating, including Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito, and Tim Guinee; adding Mitchell to that mix makes this series even more must-see.

Also joining Revolution is Friday Night Lights survivor Daniella Alonso, who has landed the role of Nora on the show. Kripke describes her as a “rebel fighter, battling against the militia that controls North America. And she’s got a lot of rough water under the bridge with Miles, Billy Burke’s character. And she likes to blow stuff up.”



UPDATE 4 (3 reviews added)

As Gil Scott-Heron famously promised, the revolution will not be televised — and in the case of NBC’s Revolution, that can be chalked up to the fact that the titular rebellion takes place in a world void of electricity.

Part post-apocalyptic thriller, part road movie, the latest project from Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and executive producer J.J. Abrams is one of the network’s most-talked about debuts for the fall season. The Hollywood Reporter caught the pilot ahead of its September premiere, so to maintain the breakneck speed of our Fall Preview 2012, here are five things to know about the dystopian drama.

1. It’s a version of the world we live in. The pilot actually kicks off in modern-day Chicago just as all of the world’s televisions, cars, freezers, light bulbs, phones and — gasp! — even iPads simultaneously flicker and turn off. While there’s no attempt to explain the globe’s sudden rejection of physics, even when events quickly move forward to 15 years after the great blackout, it is hinted that some have information that they aren’t sharing with others.

2. Listen up, Twilight fans. There may not be any vampires or werewolves in Revolution, but it does count franchise star Billy Burke (aka Forks police chief Charlie Swan) as its lead actor. Burke is joined by frequent Good Wife guest Tim Guinee, Breaking Bad creep Giancarlo Esposito, David Lyons (The Cape), Andrea Roth (Rescue Me), Tracy Spiridakos (Being Human), Anna Lise Phillips and a slew of others.

3. Don’t get attached to anyone on that roll call. Revolution doles out causalities early in the pilot, and the series seems prepared dispatch most of the primary players without much hesitation. And aside for notable deaths, there’s also just a good deal of carnage. Fight sequences and often gruesome demises take up a solid 10 or 15 percent of the first episode.

4. Prepare for flashbacks. As has been the custom with most complicated, arc-based serials in this post-Lost world, the first look at Revolution includes asides to the day the power went out. Given the mortality rate, and the how little attention is given to the events surrounding the black-out, the series seems poised to pepper the occasional time warp as the story moves forward.

5. Twist! The genre all but guarantees a few gotcha moments as the story warms up and Revolution delivers several. The pilot ends with one relatively expected revelation and two rather surprising ones.

Revolution begins on NBC’s Monday lineup this fall at 10 p.m., after The Voice, starting Sept. 17. Check out the promo below and hit the comments with your thoughts.

Hollywood Report


The 7 New Series To Watch Out For This Fall

1. Revolution (NBC)

Revolution is NBC’s upcoming sci-fi series, set in a post-apocalyptic future where all forms of electricity have mysteriously disappeared. Without electricity, humanity has had to reinvent itself, and warlords with militias have taken the place of governments. The story follows the Matheson family, who are protecting an object that might explain how the blackout happened, and how to reverse its effects.

‘Revolution’ takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where electricity has vanished

Obviously, this will be an ambitious series. As with most sci-fi dramas, Revolution’s success will depend on whether its characters can stand out amongst the striking Life After People-style visuals. There’s some good acting talent here, too, like Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) and Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad). Call me cautiously optimistic.



WALKING DEAD meets LOST minus the zombies and island. It feels epic. Great acting, music, pacing, writing, cinematography, story and whatever else goes into making a show awesome. Unlike some pilots where you are left thinking “this could be good once they get comfortable telling the story” this one feels excellent from beginning to end. J.J. Abrams (LOST, FRINGE) and Eric Kripke (SUPERNATURAL) may just have created the next big thing. Please, TV gods, let this be successful. 98.4 out of 100

I’ve seen Revolution. Unlike “Alcatraz” and “Terra Nova” last year where I had to will myself to give those shows a chance after seeing them because I love the “scifi” genre and hope for it to succeed, this one made me want to watch the 2nd episode immediately.


1x01 - Elizabeth Mitchell - J.J. Abrams - Rachel Matheson - Revolution - Revolution Reviews
  • A.

    As I’ve already told you on Twitter, this is amazing news! I’m so happy 🙂 Wanted to check out this show anyway and now there’s even a better reason to watch it 😀

  • The only thing that would make that picture any better is if it had Josh Holloway on the opposite side of Liz and that this show was a spin-off for the two of them!!!!

  • This article states it’s not sure if her character is dead or missing….So, she may eventually turn up alive http://www.huliq.com/3257/elizabeth-mitchell-lost-join-nbcs-revolution-replacing-andrea-roth

  • elizabethmitchellfanclub

    Hey I read that, but in the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqHyMuwrHsA Charlie says “my mom is dead”. I know they revamped the character so maybe there is a chance she might be alive, In some articles I also read that Andrea Roth has scenes in present day while Liz just in the flashbacks, so I also thought maybe they got it wrong: Adrea Roth had scenes in the flashbacks (that’s why Charlie says she’s dead) and Elizabeth’ll have scenes in present day. I don’t know. I hope she has a centric role. I really missed all this!

  •  Yea, I guess I just assumed they “think” she’s dead….a possible reveal at the end of a season? It’s hard to tell since her character is going to be completely different than what was already filmed.

  • This truly made my day!  I hope she gets lots of screen time and that you guys are right. I would love to see survivor ‘Liz’ tromping through vines again. haha